Sunday, February 8, 2015

Covenant Woman

Man with covenant
Seeks single woman with same.
Christians only, please.

"Covenant Woman" comes smack in the middle of Bob Dylan's three-album engagement with Christianity. Appearing on the 1980 album "Saved," it takes to new levels the idea that "the Lord will provide." Instead of sending three boats to save the man on the roof from the rising flood waters, God gets the credit for sending Bob a woman who's operating under the same theological principles that he does.

1. She has a contract with God. She has a big reward coming in heaven and she shines like the morning star.
2. He's going to stick with her, especially for praying to God on Bob's behalf.
3. God's going to rebuild Bob the broken cup, and he knows that this will happen because of the evidence that he produces saying that God sent him her. If he did that, surely he will perform some heavier bodywork soon.
4. Isn't she lucky to be stuck to Bob on this fitful and passing journey through life. Coincidence of coincidences: he has a covenant just like she does.

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