Monday, July 4, 2011

Country Pie

Bob loves all the pies,
Show him a pie, he'll eat it.
Give him some more pie!

Corrina, Corrina

Bob misses a girl.
His bird also misses one.
Two Corrinas gone!

Copper Kettle

Here's a good date night:\
Let's make illegal moonshine
And cuddle outside.

Cool Water

If you and your mule
Were stuck in the desert, you'd
Want some water too.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cool Dry Place

Rot corrodes Bob's gear.
His landlord yells at him and
He mulls cleaning things.


Good job, sweet baby.
You broke Bob's heart. Was it good?
Bob isn't so thrilled.


Don't tell anyone
About his love for you, doll.
It's confidential!

Coming From the Heart

Make up your mind, girl.
We were meant to be a pair.
I know this is true.

Come See

Come see mom's baby,
Dad's penny, brother's donkey,
Sister's kitty cat.

Come on in This House

This girl must be cute
Because this guy keeps asking
Her into his house.

Come Back Baby (One More Time)

You've heard this before:
Please come back, baby-baby,
Let's do it again!

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies

Bob warns the ladies
That men will love them and
Leave them right after.

Come a Little Bit Closer

Avoid that chick, man.
She wants you come closer,
But she's bad for you.

Columbus Stockade Blues

This guy loves a girl,
But she's gone and he's in jail.
He thinks about her.

Colorado Blues

Denver's not so hot.
And Colorado is lame.
Dylan plans to leave.

Cold Irons Bound

Bob won't stick around.
He's 20 miles out of town
En route to some place.

Cold, Cold Heart

Guy loves a girl who
Still thinks about her old flame.
He's getting fed up.