Monday, May 28, 2012

I'll Remember You

Someone helped Bob once.
He wants to thank that person,
But that person’s gone.

I'll Not Be a Stranger

When Bob hits heaven,
He'll be familiar with it
And not a stranger.

I'll Keep It With Mine

Bob's song for Nico
Says everyone will dump her,
Not he... but he did!

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Bob promises you:
He's gonna be your sweetheart
As soon as tonight.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Bob says he'll be home
For Christmas. But we all know:
He's always on tour.

I Heard That Lonesome Whistle

Bob not only hears
The lonesome whistle blow, he
Even sounds like one.

I Guess Things Happen That Way

Forgetting this girl
Ain't easy. Remembering
Ain't cool. That's all, folks.

If You See Her, Say Hello

Bob's angling for her
Even though she ditched him hard.
Would you tell her that?

If You Need Me

If you need him, call.
But better get on the stick.
Send for him right now!

If You Gotta Go, Go Now

Bob gives her options:
He'll let her leave, but if not,
He gets to do her.

If You Ever Go to Houston

Bob's Houston advice
Should keep you safe from the cops,
But not solitude.

If You Belonged to Me

This woman Bob wants
Sounds like no one's best buddy,
But he still wants her.

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Dylan forgets to
Remember to forget her.
Try harder next time?

I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know

Bob recalls an ex.
Tells boyfriend he duked her once,
And did it better.

If Not for You

You're Bob's missing leg.
You're Dylan's other half, babe.
A sincere love song.

If I Don't Be There by Morning

You can't rely on
This guy who'll leave you waiting
With just 20 bucks.

I Feel a Change Comin' On

You should be with me.
We could dream or we could live.
Let's do some living!

If Dogs Run Free

Bob with jazz and scat
Paints a picture of the world
With dogs running free.

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

Augustine frees souls
But people don't like that, so,
Of course, they kill him.

I Don't Want to Do It

Bob won't make you cry.
Neither will George Harrison,
For whom Bob wrote this.

I Don't Hurt Anymore

Nothing is better
Than forgetting the woman
Who tossed you aside.

I Don't Believe You

Girl sleeps with Dylan,
Then pretends she don't know him.
Two can play that game!

Idiot Wind

Persecuting Bob.
Everyone does it. And Bob?
He will get revenge.

I'd Have You Anytime

Bob tells his girlfriend,
"Mi casa, su casa, babe."
George Harrison sings.

I'd Hate to Be You on That Dreadful Day

Bob gets religion
Quite early in his career...
Some smugness as well.

I Can't Make It Alone

These are family guys,
Jamming away in Woodstock.
They like married life.

I Can't Leave Her Behind

Bob sings above his
Range as he practices with
Robbie Robertson

I Can't Get You off of My Mind

You don't deserve him,
But like Hank Williams said, he
Keeps you on his mind.

I Can't Come in With a Broken Heart

Bob is not quite clear
With his words here, but the song
Title is concise.

I Can't Be Satisfied

I'm a real man, babe.
I could make you feel so good, but
I need more and more.

I Believe in You

He believes in God.
People don't understand him.
Maybe they're surprised.

I and I

Bob sleeps with a girl.
He wants no conversation
So he takes a walk.

I Am the Man, Thomas

Thomas, I'm Jesus.
If you had any doubts, I
Got the stigmata.

I Am a Lonesome Hobo

Bob warns the people
Not to covet stuff, or else
They'll be hobos too.

I Ain't Got No Home

Bob did every job,
But always ran out of work.
Now he got no home.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Bob tells the story
Of a wrongly jailed boxer
Then he forgets him.


I love you so much,
But you're a hummingbird, so
Please be a free bird.

Huck's Tune

Lovelorn Bob is sick,
This girl is the reason why.
Better give her up.


I greet everyone
With a great big howdidoo!
Dogs, cats and people.

House of the Risin' Sun

Bob sings old chestnut,
The Animals did it too.
Bob portrays the chick.

A House of Gold

Money means nothing
If you're an all-around jerk.
Pray! say Hank and Bob.

House Carpenter

Don't misbehave, child
Or else bad things will happen.
Cheat, and your boat sinks.

Hoochie Coochie Man

Not that you don't know,
But the hoochie coochie man
Will make you feel good.

Honky Tonk Blues

I had some rough blues.
I mostly brought them on me,
But I still feel bad.

Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance

Bob begs for his girl.
He tries some slippery rhymes.
Who knows? It might work.

Honest With Me

You heard it for years,
Me trying you, loving you
With song. Hear me now?

Homeward Bound

Being a singer
Means you have to go on tour.
Don't that get lonely!

Home on the Range

You want buffalo?
You can't because you killed them.
Some deer instead?

Hiram Hubbard

That was short and sweet.
Rebels kidnap Hiram and
They shoot him to death.

Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61
Is a place for crazy dudes
Whose plans don't work out.

Highway 51

Bob's baby lives here.
If she dumps him, he won't go
Down that road no more.

High Water (For Charley Patton)

Everyone got blues,
So Bob throws them all in the
Big Mississippi.

High on a Mountain of Love

Bob's on Love Mountain,
But he's in a ditch as well
Because he's lonesome.


Bob got trouble, man.
Neil Young, waitress, Erica
Jong. Head for the hills.

Hey La La

This guy's love dies,
And seeing as he's shattered,
He sings about it.

Hey Joe

Guy shoots down woman,
Makes a run for the border.
She cheated on him.

Hey Good Lookin'

When you meet hot chicks,
Ask them what's in the oven.
They'll give you some grub.

He Was a Friend of Mine

Bob's friend up and died,
And he can't keep from crying.

He's Young But He's Daily Growing

Man marries daughter
To far too young a boy, but
The boy dies quickly.

Hero Blues

You want a hero?
Not me, you must think I'm nuts.
Try another boy!

Here Comes the Sun

Bob tried this song once
And stopped partway through. Maybe
He forgot the words.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Hide in your beds, kids.
Santa will come in your house
With your favorite toys.

Help Me Make It Through the Night

Our singer needs help
Making it through the night, so
He'll take anyone.

Hello Stranger

Girl sees guy in jail
While she's riding the streetcar.
She goes to jail too.

The Heart That You Own

It can't be easy
When someone else owns your heart.
You have to pay rent.

Heart of Mine

Keep your love hidden
Or else that girl will hurt you.
Can you pass that test?


With Willie Nelson,
Bob laments the workingman
Who always loses.

Heartbreak Hotel

Lonely Bob
Joins Elvis Presley in the
Heartbreak Hotel room.

A Hazy Shade of Winter

When you have money,
You drink and get depressed
And write some hit songs.


You're so unique, gal.
You mess with him, but you know,
Bob's gonna get you.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Have a good Christmas
Even if things mostly suck
For you, me and Bob.

Hava Negilah

Bob wails his way through
Hava Negilah at a
Chabad telethon.

Hard Travelin'

I've worked pretty hard,
But when I sing about it,
I sound nonchalant.

Hard Times

You might be rich, but
Remember when you were poor?
Go away, hard times!

The Harder They Come

I'm a drug dealer,
And a decent musician.
Don't try to kill me.

(I Don't Want to) Hang up My Rock N' Roll Shoes

I'll give you a lot
As long as you don't make me
Hang up my rock shoes.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Bob taps his Christian
Thing once again. His advice?
Hark the herald, now.

Hard Times in New York Town

Ah, New York City.
Bob wants to live there, but he
Loves to hate the place.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall

Bob walked a long time.
He has concluded that things
Will get bad – and soon.

Hangknot Slipknot

Try out this hangknot.
Once you do, you won't ever
Try another one.

Handy Dandy

He's one of the guys.
A chatty, crusty barfly
Who shows up each night.

Handsome Molly

When Molly leaves you,
You'll be sorry -- but not like
The next guy will be.

Handle With Care

Dylan offers you
His help and his body and
Four other rock dudes.

Hallelujah I'm Ready to Go

God sure got me good
So I'm here to tell you all,
Get ready to go!


Leonard Cohen finds
The secret chord. Bob and friends
Play it constantly.

Half As Much

If you could love me
Half as much as I love you,
I'd be twice as good.

Had a Dream About You, Baby

Bob dreams of a girl
He picks up, takes out dancing.
Then they get coffee.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gypsy Lou

Loving Gypsy Lou
Can wear Bob down because she's
Gone again -- again!

Gypsy Davey

Gypsy Davey steals
The big man's woman. She won't
Go home when he asks.

Guess I'm Doing Fine

Bob's list of complaints
Suggests he has more troubles
Than you ever will.

The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar

Oh no! The mideast!
It's burning! So are my friends!
Save us, Bob implores.

Green Onions

Want to feel groovy?
Try green onions. Funky soul
And funky breath too.

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Guy feels pretty good
And reminisces of home,
But he's on death row.

Great Historical Bum

A couple of dorks
Teach a history lesson.
They think they're funny.

Grasshoppers on My Pillow

Bob's girl mistreats him
So he splits. He's alone now
With grasshoppers, bugs.

Grand Coulee Dam

Washington State dam
Song written for Uncle Sam
And federal workers.

Gotta Travel On

Standard Dylan theme:
"Love you, but I gotta go."
Not half-bad music.

Gotta Serve Somebody

Dylan's simplest song
Tells you what you need to know
Right in the title.

Gotta Do My Time

I did hard labor.
Now I'm with my old lady,
My new ball and chain.

Got My Mind Made Up

I'll do what I want
Even if I can barely
Write coherently.

Got Love If You Want It

Baby, love me now!
Well, you would, if you weren't
Loving other guys.

Go Tell It on the Mountain

Go up the mountain
And say Jesus has been born.
Do it really loud.

Gospel Plow

Keep your hand on it;
(I'm talking about your plow.)
Think about heaven.

Good Rockin' Mama

Hot, sexy mama
Rocks me all the time. (That means
We have sex a lot.)

Good Old Mountain Dew

Good old Mountain Dew
Is also called White Lightning.
Drink it up, baby.

Goodnight, My Love

It's unclear which song
Bob did. Many love songs have
This exact title.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Guy chats up schoolgirl.
Registered sex offender?
Or just being friendly?

Goodbye Holly

Pat Garrett shot him,
So Holly's not coming home.
Billy the Kid's next.

Gonna Get You Now

This is not a threat,
It's a promise: Bob will come
And get you right now.

Gonna Change My Way of Thinking

Bob will believe God.
People who don't might be damned.
You should know this now.

Golden Vanity

Boy sinks rival's boat,
But his captain then stiffs him,
Which angers the boy.

Golden Loom

This equipment that
She carries sure occupies
Bob's erotic mind.

Goin' to Acapulco

I could visit whores
Or split for Acapulco.
My choice? Mexico.

Going Going Gone

Bob's getting sleepy.
Grandma said, just hold your love.
That's all Bob will do.

Goin' Down to New Orleans

Bob is going to
New Orleans. Even so, he's
Got big troubles still.

Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad

If you're feeling bad,
You should go somewhere warmer.
Why stick around here?

Go Down, You Murderers

They hang Tim Evans
For a crime that wasn't his.
What a sorry tale!

Go Down, Moses

Dylan tells Moses
To tell Egypt's pharaoh to
Let his people go.

God Knows

A merciful god
Who tolerates human beings
Stars in this ditty.

Go Away, Little Boy

An older woman
Sends Bob back to his own girl.
Like Shirley Horn's song.

Go Away From My Window

Get out of his life!
You tortured him and then some.
He can't take it, babe.

Give My Love to Rose

Cowboy is dying,
He tells the guy who finds him,
"Give my love to Rose."

The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore

When you're young, you'll love
Enough to die. You'll learn this
When it's too late, son.

The Girl I Left Behind

If you leave a girl,
She'll marry another man,
And you'll be sorry.

Girl From the North Country

Bob joins Johnny Cash
To sing one of his old songs,
A little off key.

Girl From the North Country

Bob once left a girl.
She lives in northern places.
See her? Please say, "yo."

Ghost Riders in the Sky

You must have been bad
To wind up a ghost rider,
Roping sky cattle.

Get Your Rocks Off!

It's not what you think,
But this '50s-style blues is
Pretty darn low-down.

Get out of Denver

Bob Seger suggests
You get out of Denver. Bob
Dylan repeats it.

George Jackson

Bob's Black Panther tale
Says the Man killed George Jackson.
They feared his blackness.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gates of Eden

Hieronymous Bosch
Paints a dream for Bob's girlfriend.
She seems not to care.

Fur Slippers

Bob gets into it
With a woman who steals his
Favorite fur slippers.

From a Buick 6

Bob's chick is tough.
She'll fuck up lesser homies.
But she protects Bob.

Froggie Went a-Courtin'

Froggie wants to wed.
He gets his mouse, but the fun
Ends in blood, murder.

Friend of the Devil

Being an outlaw
Is lonely, but you get laid
And chill with Satan.

The French Girl

That girl will love you,
But like most French women, she'll
Dump you for some guy.

Freight Train Blues

You can't trust me, babe
I was born by the railroad.
I roll like a train.

Freedom for the Stallion

Giving a stallion
His freedom is like giving
A man his freedom.

Frankie & Albert

Frankie kills Albert
After he cheats on her. So,
They hang Frankie high.

4th Time Around

Bob plays the ladies.
One girl kicks him to the curb.
Up pops another.

Four Strong Winds

I like Alberta.
You don't. So I stick around,
And you don't visit.

Forgetful Heart

Getting old's a bitch,
Especially when we lose
Reasons for living.

Forever Young (version two)

Bob told you one time:
Stay forever young! Don't make
Him tell you again.

Forever Young

A benediction
From God, through Bob and the Band:
Stay forever young!

Foreign Window

Someone is trying
To get right with the cosmos.
Success? Uncertain.

Foot of Pride

Cautionary tales
Of people with too much pride,
Taken down a notch.

A Fool Such as I

A fool such as Bob
Will let his heart get broken,
And still he'll love her!

Folsom Prison Blues

Man shoots some dude
For no reason. Now he whines
Because he's in jail.

Floater (Too Much to Ask)

Bob is getting old.
He loves his second cousin,
Don't tax his patience.

Flight of the Bumblebee

This is not that tune.
This is a number that Bob
And the Band cooked up.

Fixin' to Die

Bob will die quite soon.
He will leave his kids alone,
He doesn't like that.

Five Feet High and Rising

A massive flood strikes.
This one hombre keeps asking,
"How high's the water?"

Fishin' Blues

You're a good angler.
Your wife is even better.
I take her fishing.

The First Noel

This Christmas song has
Blood in it. Merry Christmas
From Jesus to you.

Final Theme (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid)

Bob's funeral ode
For Billy the Kid is grim,
Buy it anyway.


When you love Bob up,
He gets a fever all day,
Just like Peggy Lee.

Female Rambling Sailor

Young boy gets press-ganged
And drowns far away. Same thing
Happens to his girl.

Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy

Bob lists the bad things
That make the world suck sometimes.
Avoid them, buddies.

Father of Night

If you pray to God
For good, then accept the bad.
(You must pay to pray.)

Farewell to the Gold

Two New Zealanders
Pan for gold. One of them dies.
The other stays poor.

Farewell Angelina

Bye, Angelina,
I see talking playing cards,
And the sky is weird.


Bob! You're always off,
Leaving behind girls you've loved.
I'm not sure you're sad.

Fare Thee Well

Once again, loner
Gives up love for bad weather
And hard traveling.

Everything Is Broken

There's no arguing
And little more to tell you
With titles like that.

Every Night When the Sun Goes Down

A boy leaves a girl.
Says he has to bail. Surprise!
He knocked her up good.

Every Grain of Sand

Dylan finds his place
In the cosmos. It took time,
But it was worth it.

Everybody's Movin'

Rockabilly song
Says everybody's dancing,
With a cute girl, too.

Everybody's Crying Mercy

People say good things,
But they don't really mean them.
Hypocrites, all!

Eternal Circle

Bob spies a groupie
While on stage. But when he stops,
He finds that she’s left.

Enough Is Enough

Bob's not big on cash.
He tells a girl he knows to
Not chase it so hard.

End of the Line

Dylan and his gang
Are gonna stick together.
Band of the hand, man!

End of the Innocence

Young lovers escape
The world, however briefly,
They horse around too.

Emotionally Yours

Sing this song to girls
And you'll definitely get laid.
Bob knows. Now you do.

El Paso

Guy meets girl out West
In El Paso. Various
Troubles occur there.