Monday, July 30, 2012

You Win Again

You're a first-class bitch
And you're a man-eater too.
But you keep winning.

You Wanna Ramble

It's about revenge
And about the guilty and pure.
At least, I think so.

Your True Love

Bob tries Carl Perkins.
It might be true love, but he
Can't get the words right.

You're Too Late

Guy loses his girl.
He's full of pity, but he
Did it to himself.

You're No Good

You're sweet and evil
You please me and tease me too.
What am I to do?

You're Gonna Quit Me, Baby

Babe, if you leave me,
I'll kill you and go to jail.
You think I'm kidding?

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

She was perfection
She's stamped in his heart always.
She'll never come back.

You're a Big Girl Now

You proved your wisdom
When you left Bob, but oh babe,
Can't you return now?

You'll Never Walk Alone

Hallmark card sugar
Is a fave of Broadway hags
And Liverpool fans.

You Don't Know Me

You want to be friends,
But you don't have a clue that
I have other plans.

You Changed My Life

Another change song,
A thousandth song to Jesus.
Getting pretty old.

You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover

Looks like a farmer,
But hip-shakes like a lover.
Dylan knows Diddley.

You Belong to Me

Go around the world,
But come back to boyfriend Bob.
You belong to him.

You Are My Sunshine

"You Are My Sunshine"
Sounds like a happy song, but
Listen to verse two!

You Angel You

You can never say
As well as this, that you love
Someone so sweetly.

You Ain't Going Nowhere

Things are what they are.
That's no reason to despair.
Good things will happen.

Yonder Comes Sin

Watch out for sin, babe.
Jeremiah warned you, but
Nobody listened.


Bob takes "Yesterday"
To Nashville and gives it his
Countryfied treatment.

Ye Shall Be Changed

You know you will change.
Bob doesn't say why you will.
Pretty sure it's God.

Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread

What's going on here?
Bob, girl pull out of town with
Bread in a bottle.

Would You Lay With Me in a Field of Stone?

A dying soldier
Wants to know if his girl will
Love him after death.

Worried Blues

Bob wants to warm up
Somewhere with a good climate,
A place with no blues.

World of Fools

This song could have been
An Elvis Costello tune --
A savage kiss-off.

World Gone Wrong

You left, and I know
I said I'd kill you. Not good.
The world has gone wrong.

Workingman's Blues #2

Loving and working,
He is unlucky with both,
But he still can try.

Working on a Guru

The tape keeps rolling
While Bob and George Harrison
Sing a silly song.

Woogie Boogie

An instrumental
That you can have fun with while
Dancing in your room.

Without Love (There Is Nothing)

Vulture investor
Goes really long on love, but
It's overvalued.

With God on Our Side

Folks say God helps them.
Bob sees the fallacy here,
Yet asks him favors.

Winter Wonderland

Bob and Parson Brown
Take this jingle jangle tune
For a brand, new spin.


Love in the winter.
Let's marry and live in snow.
Bob will keep you warm.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

This guy's mother dies.
He's sad, but finds a moment
To philosophize.


Drugged-out truck driver
Smuggles Mexicans and pot.
Name it, he'll do it.

Willie and the Hand Jive

Hand-jiving is fun.
If you're doing it too much,
You might end up blind.

Wildwood Flower

Guys say anything
To get girls out of their pants.
They just want action.

Wild Wolf

Bob's wild wolf song
Says pharaoh was made of bread.
It is one odd song.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Boy asks his girlfriend
To pick some wild mountain thyme
In summer Scotland.

Wild and Wicked World

Your crowd is too rough,
So we parted. But watch out --
They’re too rough for you.

Wilbury Twist

Bob's novelty song
With his buddies. They are old,
But they still can dance.


Dylan and the Band
Have a little music fun
And so do their fans.

Wiggle Wiggle

You know what to do:
Wiggle wiggle all day long,
And wiggle some more.

The Wicked Messenger

He's not a bad man,
So people, please don't shoot him.
Bad news not his fault.


If you take the train,
Make sure you dress warm because
It might get chilly.

Why Do I Have to Choose?

One man's dilemma:
He wants two ladies at once.
What's wrong with that, eh?

Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?

Latent lesbian
Doesn't want a man to love.
She prefers family.

Who Loves You More?

Bob asks an easy one.
Who loves you more? You know that
The answer is "Bob."

Who Killed Davey Moore?

Boxing killed Davey,
And those who profit from it.
That's business, baby.

White Dove

I liked my parents.
We were happy hillbillies.
Then they both died. Sigh.

Where Were You Last Night?

Is she stepping out?
It sounds like no. She checked out
Mentally instead.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where Teardrops Fall

Bob sings a love song
To a woman who likely
Is a big downer.

When You Gonna Wake Up

Bob: you all are slaves
To false gods, gurus, money.
Wake up, embrace God.

When the Ship Comes In

When the ship comes in,
You landlubbers will give up.
We’ll rule your world, dude.

When the Night Comes Falling

She's sure different now.
Bob's got no reason to fight.
He knows she has lost.

When the Deal Goes Down

People go through life
Without thought. That's all right.
Death comes, I'm with you.

When I Paint My Masterpiece

Bob's in Europe now
In this charming song. But he
misses the prairies.

When I Got Troubles

When I got troubles,
I'm gonna pack you up, babe
And go somewhere else.

When He Returns

Existential Christ
Is gonna clean up this town.
Bob warned you, buddy.

When First Unto This Country

Man steals sheriff's horse
And rides to court his sweetheart.
The cops lock him up.

When Did You Leave Heaven?

The real questions are:
Why did you leave heaven, hon?
And can I do you?

What Was It You Wanted

She gets awful close,
But Bob still doesn't trust her.
Why'd she get so close?

What Kind of Friend Is This?

Bob can't figure out
What kind of friend would love him,
And be mean as well.

What Good Am I?

Could Bob get involved
In your life? If he fails to,
What good can he be?

What'd I Say?

Bob echoes Ray Charles
Who asks the same question
For more than five minutes.

What Did the Deep Sea Say?

Merchant Marine ship
Sinks during World War II.
All the sailors die.

What Can I Do for You?

God, since you've saved Bob,
He wants to give something back.
What can he get you?

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

Did you know you were
Dating three of us at once?
Echo, shadow, me.

West Texas

Bob's heading westward.
He encounters blues cliches
Around West Texas.

West Memphis

Dylan did this once
In his youth. I can't locate
Much about this song.

West LA Fadeaway

Breezy Grateful Dead
Tune sounds like a tour guide to
John Belushi's death.

Went to See the Gypsy

Elvis as Gypsy
Inspires young Bob and tempts him,
Although it's a dream.

Well Well Well

Bob wrote the music
Danny O'Keefe wrote the words.
It's about water.

We Just Disagree

This soft rock favorite
From the '70s improves
When Dylan does it.

We Had It All

These two had the best
Relationship. So he says.
So why did they split?

Weeping Willow

My gal cheats on me.
I'm gonna buy a bulldog to
Keep the men away.

Wedding Song

This wedding song’s nice
Until you consider that
They divorced later.

We Better Talk This Over

Bob's over Sara
He acts like he's in control.
I highly doubt it.

We Belong Together

I think you know this:
You're mine and we're together --
Oh, and you're not HIS.

Weary Blues From Waitin'

Get home soon, mama.
I've been whining with the blues
Since you went away.

We Are the World

Bob gets a solo
On this charity single.
He's no Hall & Oates.

The Wayfaring Stranger

Nobody knows me.
I don't make friends easily.
PS, I'm dying.

The Water Is Wide

I hope my boat floats.
I know wood sometimes fractures,
Like your love for me.

Watered-Down Love

Bob knows what love is.
He also knows that you don't.
Why you so stupid?

Watching the River Flow

Caught in the rat race?
Think of time and the river.
Let it flow slowly.

Wanted Man

Every state wants him.
He can't remember why now.
Must be an outlaw.

The Wanderer

I've got a good deal.
I wander around a lot.
I'm that type of guy.

Waltzing With Sin

Waltzing with sin is
Not the dance ticket you want.
It's not good for you.

Walls of Red Wing

The red wing prison:
Police brutality exists.
It's not a nice place.


Bob's wallflower wilts,
But if she dances with him,
She will wilt no more.

Walk out in the Rain

Another breakup
Song that lets the guitarist
Riff around a lot.

Walkin' Down the Line

Dylan is troubled.
So is his woman. No money
And insomnia.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

You think I'm fucked up?
Take a walk in my shoes, pal,
And see how you do.

Waiting to Get Beat

Bob warns his girlfriend
That she's hanging out with some
Quite rough customers.

Waiting for You

I'll wait on you, girl,
Bob says. But he hedges bets.
A smart strategy.

Wait for the Light to Shine

Hank Williams once said
You should wait for the light when
Things seem most crappy.

The Wagoner's Lad

This girl don't want him.
He blames it on her status.
He thinks she's oppressed.

Wade in the Water

Wade in the water.
God's gonna trouble it now,
But in a good way.

A Voice From on High

Jesus paid for you
On a pretty big deal. So
You owe him one, dude.

Visions of Johanna

Bob's late-night party:
He fever-dreams around town,
Envisioning girls.

Viola Lee Blues

Guy goes to prison.
He got life. He sends letters
To an unnamed friend.

Vincent Van Gogh

Bob's second attempt
At a Vincent van Gogh song
Fails as the first did.

Friday, July 27, 2012

VD City

You can only write
So many PSAs on
STDs, friend.

VD Waltz

Guy tells his woman
That he doesn't have VD.
She thinks that he does.

VD Seaman's Last Letter

He got syphilis,
This Navy boy. And he wrecked
His happy home life.

VD Gunner's Blues

Man chases woman
Who gave him the clap. But she's
Gone, landlady says.

VD Blues

This is a bad dose.
Don't believe folks when they say
VD is OK.

The Usual

Pink elephants, smokes
And your alcoholic friends.
You know: The usual.

Up to Me

I did everything,
But I could not keep you, babe.
Someone had to move.

Universal Soldier

We don't want him, but
We got him coz we made him.
Fight on, soldier boy!

Union Sundown

Kills unions and breeds violence.
We wear foreign stuff.

Under Your Spell

Some lovers stay close.
This might be nice or nasty.
We don't really know.

Under the Red Sky

The man in the moon
And the little boy and girl
Find heartache and grief.

Under Control

Bob and his band jam.
They don't really sound under
Control, I must say.

Unchain My Heart

Please unchain his heart.
He loved you, but wants freedom.
So how 'bout it, babe?


Bob's unhappy, boys,
And outraged, but I can't say
What pisses him off.

Ugliest Girl in the World

Bob likes 'em ugly,
As the song's title attests.
They like him as well.

Two Trains Running

Fall for a married
Woman and you can expect
All kinds of trouble.

Two Soldiers

"If I die, tell Mom,"
One soldier said to his mate.
Alas, they both died!

Two Sisters

She was a good girl,
But her sister loved her love,
So she had to die.


Sounds like indictment
Of society, perhaps.
Maybe it’s just lame.

Twist and Shout

Would you twist with Bob?
If you did, you might shout too
While Bob twists and croaks.

Twenty-One Years

Falsely accused man
Goes to jail, asks girl to wait.
Of course, she leaves him.

Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Cop chases dealers.
His sister loves one of them.
Life in New Jersey.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dum & Dee:
Not exactly best of friends
As the world ends.

20/20 Vision

Bob says he's blinded.
But he sees full well that he's
Been betrayed by her.

TV Talkin' Song

TV's bad for you.
Bob knows it, but still gets trapped
In channel surfing.

Turkey Chase

It's a hoedown song
As rowdy cowboys hunt birds.
Fiddles and turkeys.

Tupelo Honey

She's sweeter than sweet.
That's why I call her "honey."
She comes from a bee.

Try Me, Little Girl

Bob makes a good case
For a girl to marry him.
Her family sounds bad.

Tryin' to Get to Heaven

It's all a muddle,
This living without you, love.
I want redemption.

Trust Yourself

Misanthropic Bob:
Trust no one, not even him.
Mistrust; verify.

True Love Tends to Forget

Hard to say what's what.
Bob stays, she goes. Is that right?
I think I forget.

Trouble No More

Not only won't you
Trouble me, but you'll be my
Little pussycat.

Trouble in Mind (1979)

Bob plays the boogie
And asks God for some relief.
Mark Knopfler solos.


No embellishments.
Chorus says it all: Trouble,
Nothing but trouble.

Treat Her Right

Bob gives you lessons
On keeping girls happy and
Begging for much more.

Train of Pain

This mystery song
Bob performed with Tom Petty,
But I can't find it.

Train of Love

Most trains take his girl,
But Johnny Cash's train of love
Brings his baby home.

Train a-Travelin'

Sebastian Brant
Wrote the Ship of Fools. This is
Bob Dylan's version.

Trail of the Buffalo

This buffalo hunt
Pays well, but it's a hard job.
Maybe leave them be.

Tough Mama

Tough work in the land.
He'll love you as hard as that.
Let's meet up tonight.

To Ramona

Bob lets a girl down.
He tries to make her feel good.
I bet it won't work.

Too Much of Nothing

Too much of nothing
makes a man make bad choices,
Like lying and such.

Too Late, She's Gone

What more can you say?
You still love her, but she's gone.
It's too late, baby.

Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You

Bob won't take that train.
He's given his seat to someone,
And stays home instead.

Tomorrow Night

Bob makes magic
From Elvis's song about
Woman's betrayal.

Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Wandering the world
Seems nice until you miss her.
Then you want her back.

Tombstone Blues

All is out of place.
Bad acid attacks Dylan.
Parents are useless.

To Fall in Love With You

A generic croon
Tossed off for the "Hearts of Fire"
Movie debacle.

To Be Alone With You

Hang with me, baby.
That's my favorite thing to do:
Be alone with you.

Tiny Montgomery

Tiny M must be
A singer or a mob boss.
He says to say Hi.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Old folks gotta move.
Young folks want a better world.
Tune in or drop out.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time Passes Slowly

Dylan loves home life.
Being simple is the best.
A man longs for this.

The Times We've Known

We've had some good times
And bad ones too, baby doll,
Ah, les bons moments!

Till I Fell in Love With You

You sure fucked me up,
So I'll go to New Orleans.
Things can't get much worse.

Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love?)

Two songs in one here.
Symbolic nonsense, love song.
Both are pretty weak.

Thunder on the Mountain

Dylan hears thunder.
He dreams of Alicia Keys,
And wanders up north.

Three Angels

Apocalypse nigh,
Just like every day, Bob says.
Will we miss our doom?

This World Can't Stand Long

This world can't stand long
Because it's full of haters.
Get ready to leave.

This Wheel's on Fire

You queered our deals, man.
You knew we would meet again.
Why'd you do that, hoss?

This Was My Love

Bob talks up his ex.
She sounds like a hot ticket,
But she cut him loose.

This Train

This train is choosy.
It's going to heaven, so
Riffraff, get off now.

This Old Man

Bob sings for children
A favorite nursery rhyme.
Is HE the old man?

This Land Is Your Land

This land is my land,
Never mind what the records
At City Hall say.

This Dream of You

I'm run all ragged.
You're all I've got, Dylan says.
Don't feel no pressure.

32-20 Blues

Bob tries old blues rap,
Like soul-selling Robert J.
With Bob as Satan.

Thirsty Boots

Elaborate invite
For a tired civil rights dude
Who needs a crash pad.

Things Have Changed

I could tell you a lot,
Bob says, and once, he would have,
But now things have changed.

Thief on the Cross

That thief on the cross
Might have something to tell Bob,
Like, "Get religion!"

They Killed Him

All saints are martyrs.
People killed them because folks
Generally suck

These Hands

My workingman's hands
Can vouch for me even if
My track record can't.

That's All Right, Mama

Bob doesn't listen
When his father says, "Don't date her!"
Elvis said the same.

That'll Be the Day

"That'll be the day!"
Bob Dylan and Paul Simon
Quote Buddy Holly.

Thank God

A simple request
From Hank Williams. Thank God for
Everything you got.

10,000 Men

10,000 men and
10,000 women star in
An obscure Bob song.

Tennessee Blues

A pretty sad dude
Wants to lose Tennessee Blues.
Check Google Maps?

Temporary Like Achilles

I don't hate you, babe.
I was wrong about you, doll.
Though you DO hate me.

Tell Ol' Bill (Tell Tale Signs)

Is he close to death?
He wends through the winter.
We shiver with him.

Tell Ol' Bill

Tell Bill, don't be
Late and leave the girls alone.
Why bother? Bill's dead.

Tell Me That It Isn't True

They say you're cheating.
I want to believe you, babe.
Tell me they are wrong.

Tell Me, Momma

Come on now, woman!
If you don't tell me what's up,
I'll just sing some more.

Tell Me

I love you, I do,
But I can tell your eyes stray.
Is it me or you?

Telephone Line

Bob's swamp might catch fire
So he and George Harrison
Go to Las Vegas.

Tears of Rage

Unfaithful daughter
Casts aside family for gold.
Please come back to us.

Tattle O-Day

People say this song
Is by Eric Andersen.
Where's the evidence?

Tangled up in Blue

He loves her through life.
They love, lose and find again.
And it will not end.

Talkin' World War III Blues

Bob dreams of the war.
He learns alienation.
His case bad, says doc.

Talkin' New York

I went to New York.
Tried to be a great singer.
Now I'm in Jersey.

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues

Bob baits the bigots
In the JBS. Those folks
Sure hate Communists.

Talkin' Hava Negilah Blues

Bob makes Mormon jokes
And Jewish jokes too. Bob:
You call this funny?

Talking Merchant Marine

Merchant Marine man
Sails on a boat loaded with
Dynamite. Hot damn!

Talking Inflation Blues

Stop that lobbyist
From the big corporation.
He don't care 'bout you!

Talking Hugh Brown

Bob's roommate Hugh Brown
Is a damn lazy bastard
Who lounges around.

Talking Folklore Center

Bob writes a folk song
For his buddy's folklore store.
Then he sings it there.

Talking Fishing Blues

Woody goes fishing,
Catches satirical verse
And a few big fish.

Talking Columbia Blues

Woody's river song:
America will coopt
The Columbia.

Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Bob's bizarre picnic
Is an allegory song.
Misanthropic too.

Take This Hammer

Take this hammer, pal.
This guy who was using it?
He just quit his job.

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Bob would like to go
Out to the baseball game. He
Wants you to take him.

Take Me As I Am

A common complaint:
We date people who change us.
Why do we date them?

Take a Message to Mary

Tell this gal I'm gone.
Don't tell her I love her, no.
Though that would fix things.

Sweetheart Like You

Bob puts the moves on.
But he also insults her.
He will not get laid.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Suze (The Cough Song)

Dylan plays a tune.
He coughs and asks his buddy
To stop recording.

Su Su's Got a Mohawk

No one knows this song
Because Bob won't release it,
Do it, already!

Summer Wages

Sad Canadian
Cowboy song about losing
Women and money.

Summer Days

Bob fought the bad times,
And knows he is washed up now.
The girls know it too.


GI's in Japan
After the war slow-danced girls
To Sukiyaki.

Sugar Baby

It's not a love song.
Bob ponders the void. Must he
Call this woman dumb?

Subterranean Homesick Blues

If you don't watch out,
You'll be just a working stiff,
Hopelessly normal.

Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

Bob's stuck in Mobile,
But it feels like Tennessee.
Happens all the time.

Street Rock

Dylan contributes
A couple words to Kurtis
Blow's old-school rap song.

Streets of Glory

Getting to heaven
Means you're in for some walking,
But on well paved streets

Straight A's in Love

Your grades are average,
But loving is your major.
You get straight A's there.

Stone Walls and Steel Bars

He's in Alcatraz,
A criminal homewrecker,
A three-time loser.

Stones That You Throw

You know this lesson:
The one about glass houses.
Don't throw stones in them.

Still in Town

He tried to leave you
By leaving town. The problem?
He never got out.

Step It up and Go

Things don't stay the same
So you can't stand in one place.
A girl taught me that.


Bob says you treat him
Like your stepchild. How unfair
When he loves you so!

Steel Bars

Girls come and they go.
One locked up Michael Bolton,
Who sings this Bob song.


Some people don't change.
They say they will, but they steal
Back to what they were.

Standing on the Highway

Bob's standing around.
No one will give him a ride,
Even his girl gone!

Standing in the Doorway

Leaving Bob Dylan
Does not mean you'll still be friends.
You let him down hard.

Stand by Me

A poor old sinner
Seeks divine intervention.
We'll see if it works.

Stand by Faith

Bob tries to prove that
Most motor coordination
Derives from your faith.


Stagger killed Billy.
He wanted Billy's nice hat.
He's a haunted man.

Spirit on the Water

When you get old, girl,
You'll know my name is Bob, your
Wounder, lover, friend.

Spanish Song

Bob and the Band do
A little Spanish number
In upstate New York.

Spanish Is the Loving Tongue

Love a Mexican girl?
Don't gamble and get caught,
Or you'll break her heart.

Spanish Harlem Incident

Harlem gypsy girl
Tells Bob who he is. But he
Wants her bod instead.

Southern Cannonball

Guy has same problem
With a train and his girlfriend.
He yodels on them.

Sounds of Silence

Lonely poet learns:
Urban ennui is a bitch,
But it's good for hits.

Sounds of Silence

Lonely poet learns:
Urban ennui is a bitch,
But it's good for hits.


Soon you'll be Bob's girl,
And folks who say he can't sing
Will hear him in tune.

Song to Woody

Mr. Guthrie, sir,
I'm like you, but you're the best.
See you down the road.

Song for Canada (One Single River)

Ian Tyson's song
Is it a love letter to
Quebec separatists?

Something There Is About You

A girl, memories,
From Dylan's youth in Duluth.
He loves you in dreams.

Something's Burning, Baby

Here's what Dylan means:
Girl might not love him no more,
And he's suspicious.


"Something:" one great song
That says the things you should say
To your favorite girl.

Someone's Gotten Hold of My Heart

She got him all right,
But Bob's caught up in a world
Of intrigue and deceit.

Some Enchanted Evening

On one of these nights,
You might meet a special girl.
Trust me: Buy and hold.

Someday Baby

You upset me good,
But I'll show you the next time.
I'll upset you too.

Somebody Touched Me

Somebody touched me:
Jesus testimonial?
Or police report?

So Long, Good Luck and Goodbye

Kiss-off master Bob
Tells you what you need to say
To dump your lover.

Solid Rock

That's one stubborn guy,
That Bob. You can't pry him loose
From God, his main dude.

Smokestack Lightning

This song manages
To give you a rundown of
Every blues cliche.

Slow Train Coming

Arab sheiks run things.
That's not good for the U.S.
Bob predicts our doom.

Sloppy Drunk

Who needs smack and dope?
Let's just get good old-fashioned
Sloppy drunk, darling.

Sixteen Tons

Workingman laments
Life serving a company.
It's trapped him in debt.

Sittin' on Top of the World

Girls can leave Dylan
If they want to, but don't fear.
He can find more.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

San Francisco's fine.
I can sit here like Otis
And look at the bay.

Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence

Bob’s paying money,
Taking pills, and falling down
Through tunnels and stuff.

Sinner Man

Sinner man runs, but
No one shelters him. God says,
Dude, give Hell a try.

Sing Me Back Home

A condemned man asks
To hear an old-timey song
Before he checks out.

Simple Twist of Fate

This affair can't last,
And it doesn't, Bob tells us.
But he keeps searching.


Folks love Silvio,
Who promises good and bad.
A big fan favorite.

Silver Dagger

Mom says we can't date,
Because men are faithless dogs.
Just look at my dad.

Silver Bells

Is this song happy
Or sad? It sounds pretty sad.
That's Dylan for you.


Guy goes bananas
When he sees silhouettes in
His ex's window.

Silent Weekend

Bob's girl ditches him
For a weekend of parties
And other guys.

Silent Night

I still get puzzled.
A virgin and a mother.
Bob doesn't question.

Sign on the Window

People are lonely
So they make strange life choices.
Bob chose a lover.

Sign on the Cross

A sign on the cross
Might worry you, says Dylan.
Don't worry -- it's cool.

Sign Language

He eats a sandwich.
She talks to him by signing.
A rather strange song.

Sidewalks, Fences and Walls

He can't forget her.
He remembers puppy love.
Of course, he's still sad.

Shot of Love

No drugs, no liquor
For Bob. Nothing's going right.
Love him, don't kill him.

Shooting Star

You gotta let go
Of some folks to survive, but
You still will miss them.

She's Your Lover Now

That girl's a loon.
I know because we dated.
Dude, YOU deal with her.

She's My Baby

Dylan's tongue, your throat.
Three other dudes get to watch.
Good-time rock n' roll!

She's Love Crazy

This girl wants loving.
I like doing it, but she's
Insatiable, dude!

She's About a Mover

I think I get it:
You check out this girl, and she
Just might sleep with you.


Indian love song
With river imagery and
A sense of deep loss.

Shelter From the Storm

Bob melds Jesus tale
With a spaghetti western
And a love story.

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

This gal's on her way
Around the mountain. Watch out,
She's coming for you.

She Belongs to Me (Self-Portrait)

A lesser remake.
If you're searching for a gem,
Try another song.

She Belongs to Me

This chick is the best.
That's why you'll do stuff for her.
But she doesn't care.

Shake Your Moneymaker

Just do what I say:
Shake your moneymaker, toots.
We need some cash now.

Shake Sugaree

We had a good time,
But now we have no money.
I pawned everything!

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Bob and Keith Richards
Duet on this one. They sound
Like they're getting old.

Shake Shake Mama

This: The blues laid bare
Is what life is all about.
Love life, don't get shot.

Shake a Hand

If I like a girl,
There's much more I want to do
Than shake hands with her.

Seven Days

Seven days he waits
For a child who's a woman.
And what a woman!

Seven Curses

Judge will save a man
If he gets his girl. Judge lies,
So she curses him.

Series of Dreams

Memory comes like wind.
Bob knows how to catch it. The
Edge and Bono help.

Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)

Bob hates America?
No, this is not polemic,
Just paranoia.

Send Me to the 'lectric Chair

Brutal murderer
Asks the judge for the chair for
Killing his sweetie.

See You Later, Allen Ginsberg

Bob and the Band
Say adios to Ginsberg
For three whole minutes.

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Dylan will die soon.
He's scared that no one will care.
Care: Please clean his grave.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Seeing the Real You at Last

Has Bob ditched Jesus?
It sure as hell sounds like it.
Opium, masses.

Searching for a Soldier's Grave

Girl goes to Europe
To find her soldier boy's grave.
Hank Williams wrote this.

Saving Grace

Being good is rough.
Bob finds it too tough sometimes,
But he has his faith.


The wicked man burns
Until he asks God for help.
Then God answers him.

A Satisfied Mind

Bob was a rich man.
He lost it, but he gained faith.
Now he's peacing out.


I have everything,
But I'm still not satisfied.
Just like Mick and Keith.

Sarah Jane

Dylan's train is called
The "Big MacMillan." He rides
It with Sarah Jane.


Bob wants his wife back.
He reminds her of his songs
Written just for her.

Santa Fe

Bob's song for lost love
Includes Buckminster Fuller
And landlocked shrimp boats.

San Francisco Bay Blues

If your girl returns,
Take her for a walk by the
San Francisco Bay.

Samson and Delilah

This old Bible tale
Ends before Delilah cuts
All of Samson's hair.

Sally Sue Brown

Watch out for Sally.
Coz she's a big heartbreaker.
She can break MY heart.

Sally Gal

Sally gal, don't doubt
Dylan's gonna soon find out
What you're all about.

Sally Don't You Grieve

Gonna fight Hitler
So I'll be gone, Sally babe.
But don't you grieve now!

Sail On

You want to leave me?
Be my guest, because I'll find
Another woman.

Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

If you want your pick
Of sad men and sad guitars,
Act aloof and cold.


Bob shreds his guitar
With this power pop number
From the late Link Wray.

Roving Gambler

Roving gambler bets,
Loves, curses, fights, shoots and kills --
Things that gamblers do.

Romance in Durango

Bob learns some Spanish,
Tells tales of fleeing lovers
In old Mexico.

Roll On, John

Bob tells John: roll on!
He dreams that someone died too.
Then he rolls some more.

Rollin' and Tumblin' (cover)

No more chicks for me.
They just make me moon a lot.
Just whiskey for me.

Rollin' & Tumblin'

I chased you for years
Against my doctor's advice.
I'll catch you, you minx.

Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

Girl, let's mess around.
I can roll in your arms, while
I wait for my train.

Roisin the Beau

Death won't stop this guy
From partying and drinking.
Pour booze on his grave.

Rock With Me, Baby

How can you refuse
A straightforward overture
To rock with this dude?

Rocks, Salt and Nails

This guy's pretty pissed
Over being dumped. He might
Consider revenge.

Rocks and Gravel

Bob needs a woman
Like roads need rocks and gravel.
But where's the woman?

Rock of Ages

Bob buys insurance.
He knows it's crucial to get
A piece of the rock.

Rock n' Roll Ruby

Guy goes on a date.
He gets tired, but Ruby wants
To rock it some more.

Rock Me, Mama

Dylan offers you
Several ways you can rock him.
Why not try some out?

Rock Me, Baby

Your baby requests
That you rock him like his back
Doesn't have a bone.

Rock 'Em Dead

Bob raves it up with
Tom Petty. Something about
Money and honey.

River Theme

Crossing the river,
Pat Garrett regrets his choice
To be a lawman.

Rita May

Bob's oddball love song
Might worship Rita Mae Brown.
Lesbian seeks sex.

Rising Sun

The Cruzados did
This fast L.A. postpunk song,
Not the Animals.

Rise Again

Jesus talks some smack.
He's up for revenge. He'll put
A cap in your ass.

Ring Them Bells

A somber marking
Of survivors and the dead
On scales of justice.

Ring of Fire

Johnny Cash did it,
So Bob tries falling into
A ring of fire too.

Return to Me

Ritorna a me,
Bella mia. Bob sings this
In "The Sopranos."

Restless Farewell

Nothing is my fault.
Shallow people made their beds
Before I showed up.


Bob suggests that you
Take responsibility
For once in your life.

Repossession Blues

Dylan's divorce song
Was written by someone else.
Sounds like Bob's memoir.

Remember Me

Bob gets jilted, but
Asks his former pretty flame
To remember him.

Red Rosey Bush

Bob wishes he were
A rosey bush by the sea,
Picked at by his love.

Red River Shore

Bob, tragic and doomed,
Falls for girl who speaks the truth.
They all end up sad.

Red Hot

"My gal is red hot!"
"Your gal ain't doodle-y squat!"
(Debate team topic)

Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache

Your secret lover
Has unwanted facial hair
And a big red car.

Real Real Gone

This guy loves you,
But he uses Van the Man
To help him say it.

Ready Teddy

I'm ready, Teddy
To take my girl on a date,
And rock n' roll some.

Rank Strangers to Me

You can't go home, Bob.
Thomas Wolfe told you that, but
Did you read those books?

Rangers Command

Cowgirl shows cowboys
How to ride herd, drink hard
And repel rustlers.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramblin' Down Through the World

Dylan dredges up
Yet another goddamn song
About ramblin' 'round.

Ramblin' on My Mind

Let this dude ramble.
If you don't, he might get mad
And beat you silly.

Ramblin' Man

This guy will screw you
Both ways, if you get my drift.
Best not to date him.

Rambling, Gambling Willie

Bill, or Robin Hood,
The good villain, the gambler
Died both good and bad.

Ramblin' Around

Hobo business plan:
Go rambling around, scrounge some,
Avoid your mother.

Rambler, Gambler

I'm a bad boy, so
You can't get too uptight if
Your parents hate me.

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

You all must smoke pot
No matter what else you do.
Bob smokes pot as well.

Railroading on the Great Divide

Ride the Great Divide,
See the Rockies and the sky.
That's a fine round trip.

Railroad Boy

Young girl hangs herself
After darling Railroad Boy
Starts catting around.

Railroad Bill

I fear Railroad Bill.
He'll take whatever he wants
And kill everyone.

Ragtime Annie

This fiddle ditty
Might not be "Dueling Banjos,"
But it's a fun stomp.

Ragged & Dirty

He's a derelict
And a not-nice-man as well.
Can he be with you?

Quit Your Lowdown Ways

You can do a lot:
Badger the White House and more,
But baby, we're through!

Quit Kickin' My Dog Around

Those boys gotta stop
Kickin' my dog around when
I go into town.

Quinn the Eskimo

This powerful Quinn
Makes Bob moo and meow, and
Likes his sugar sweet.

Queen Jane Approximately

Queen Jane, Bob digs you
Even when your PR team
Has quit in disgust.

Property of Jesus

Tease the Jesus freak.
Go ahead. But keep in mind,
His name is Dylan.

Pretty Saro

Immigrant laments
His former relationship
In many verses.

Pretty Polly

Bad boy lures Polly
To the woods. He kills her, then
Pays the devil's due.

Pretty Peggy-O

Bob sits this one out.
The captain marries a girl.
He dies, she leaves-O.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Floyd, that Okie blade,
Transforms into Robin Hood
Of the Dustbowl crowd.

Pressing On

Predestination --
It's back in fashion again.
Bob is wearing it.

Precious Memories

Precious memories
Wash over our singer's eyes.
They make him feel good.

Precious Angel

Now Bob's in God mode.
You either believe or you don't.
Which one will it be?

Positively 4th Street

Who's this angry man?
It's Bob, wishing ill on an
Ex-friend who screwed him.

Poor Lazarus

Jailbird Lazarus
Steals the police chief's payroll.
Sherriff guns him down.

Polly Vaughan

A man goes hunting,
But shoots his lover instead.
It was a mistake.

Political World

Money, politics,
We know they rule the world, but
Bob makes the point rock.

Po' Boy

What's Po' Boy doing?
Bob doesn't say, but he does
Tell a few dumb jokes.

Pledging My Time

Bob runs thin on rhymes.
He loves a girl. Whatever.
Can she give it back?

Pledging My Love

Bob repeats the words
Of the late, great Johnny Ace
By pledging his love.

Please Mrs. Henry

Please, Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Henry please,
Gimme some money!

A Pirate Looks at 40

A pirate gets old
And goes to seed in the Keys,
Miami Vice-style.

Percy's Song

Bob implores the judge
Who sentenced his guilty friend.
The judge says, "Tough shit."

People Putting People Down

Those cranky people
You know only are happy
Dicking other people.

People Get Ready

Next time Jesus comes,
It'll be by train. Curtis
Mayfield is driving.

Peggy Day

Peggy Day and Night
Make Bob feel more than all right.
That's what two girls do.

Peace in the Valley

Bob's looking forward
To the day when everyone
Chills in the valley.

Payday at Coal Creek

Coal Creek payday ends
So man must find work elsewhere.
People are quite sad.

Paths of Victory

Things are pretty tough,
But Bob keeps his eyes closed,
And sticks to one path.

Pastures of Plenty

We laborers do
The hard work in your fields
And we're organizing.

Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior

Sinner asks Jesus
If it's OK to cut in
Line for redemption.

Pancho and Lefty

Loser outlaw types
Get the hero treatment, but
They sound like lowlifes.

Paid the Price

This doo-wop rocker
Is the old tale of fast chicks
Bringing men to grief.

Oxford Town

They kill black folks here.
They also kill white peaceniks.
This place sucks real bad.

Outlaw Blues

I do crazy shit
Coz I tell folks what is what,
And I date black chicks.

Open the Door, Richard

Friends Jim, Mouse and Mick
Teach Bob homespun truths. But who
Is Richard? No clue.

On the Road Again

Your family is crazed.
They annoy me and can't cook.
You folks are useless.

Only a Pawn in Their Game

Black man killed down south.
Whites caught in a web too.
Someone pulls their strings.

Only a Hobo

Bums are people too,
As Bob reminds us cold folks.
Spare some change for them.

One Too Many Mornings

Bob could love his girl,
But nowhere can he call home.
Nor can his girlfriend.

One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)

Girls are funny, Bob.
They say and do different things.
Stuff fails to work out.

One More Weekend

Use the blues to love.
Dylan does this freely here.
Cute, but raucous song.

Friday, July 20, 2012

One More Night

Bob left his girlfriend.
That was a big, bad mistake.
Now he's all alone.

One More Cup of Coffee

Bob leaves his family.
It feels Jewish, but it could
Be a cowboy film.

One Man's Loss

Dating and trading
Are similar. If you're long,
Someone else is short.

One Irish Rover

This Irish rover
Doesn't believe his friend's tale,
But that's all right.

One for My Baby (One for the Road)

Bob wants one more drink
Before he drives himself home.
Watch out for cops, Bob.

One-Eyed Jacks

A Cliff’s Notes version
Of Marlon Brando’s Western;
Tastes like spaghetti.

On a Rainy Afternoon

Bob works on a song
With Robbie Robertson and
Gets kind of cranky.

On a Night Like This

It's snowing, sweetpea,
And Bob loves you so much now!
Cuddle up pronto!

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Bethlehem Is Nice,
Especially at Christmas,
Its big holiday.

An Old Rock N' Roller

Rock n' roll has-been
Does oldies covers in
A back-alley bar.

Old Man

Isn't that funny --
This old man and this young man
Are quite similar.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Bob went to the farm
At old MacDonald's place, and
Counted animals.

Old Five and Dimer Like Me

This Waylon Jennings
Ditty is a spirited defense
Of deep loserdom.

Oh Sister

Does Bob schtup his sis?
Or does he just try real hard?
Don't do it, sister!

Oh Lonesome Me

After girl leaves guy,
He sits around and mopes some
While she paints the town.

Oh Boy

When I romance you,
You will say, "Where have you been
All my life, Bobby?"

Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie

A woman works hard,
Sees her husband once a week.
Folks lie about her.

Odds and Ends

Baby I love you.
You don't love me. You just pour
Some juice on my head.

O Come All Ye Faithful

Bob invites people
To Bethlehem. Did he get
Some visas for them?

Obviously Five Believers

Bob wants his girl home.
He feels depressed and doesn't
Want to be let down.