Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eileen Aroon

Bob tackles Gaelic
Love song for Eileen Aroon.
She's a heartbreaker.

Easy Loving

You're so wonderful.
You're an angel. You're also
Thanksgiving dinner.

East Virginia Blues

Boy courts a cute girl.
The threat of Mom makes him flee.
Now he pines for her.

Earth Angel

Find an earth angel?
Be sure to ask her if she
Will belong to you.

Early Morning Rain

Dylan moans a lot.
He misses her, but he's gone.
Always in transit.

Dusty Old Fairgrounds

Bob joins the circus
And manages to make that
Sound depressing too.

Dust My Broom

Some girls are trouble.
They also often are hos.
But one is my friend.

Duncan and Brady

Brady wants to kill,
But Duncan gets the first shot.
Too bad, ol' Brady.

Driftin' Too Far From Shore

You think that you're so cool,
Leavin' me like that, baby.
I don't play these games.

Drifter's Escape

Drifter goes on trial.
He probably ain't guilty.
So God lets him go.

Dreamin' of You

Been better places
So leave Dylan with his dreams.
Just let him rock, dude.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Bob sings of peace and
The Cuban Missile Crisis.
Strange Christmas song, no?

Down the Highway

You cross the country.
You miss a girl, there's more cars.
You gamble and die.

Down on Me

Everything's a pain
When everyone's mean to you,
And no one is nice.

Down Along the Cove

Bob met his girlfriend
Down along the cove. And then,
They took a short walk.

Do Right Unto Me, Baby (Do Right Unto Others)

The golden rule, babe,
Bob says, use it don't lose it.
Don't touch him, either.

Do Re Mi

California wants
Your money. If you don't pay,
Best you go away.

Dope Fiend Robber

World War II vet
Gets addicted to morphine,
Kills, and gets the chair.

Don't You Try Me Now

Here's a warning, son,
Straight from Bob Dylan himself:
Don't you try him now.

Don't You Push Me Down

You can be mean and
Bounce my ball up and down, but
Don't you push me down.

Don't Ya Tell Henry

Everywhere Bob goes,
Cows, folks say, "Don't tell Henry."
Well? Don't tell him what?

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Bitch, you hurt my pride.
I hated you anyway;
I love you, miss you. Bitch.

Don't Start Me to Talkin'

Why do you hate a
Snitch? Because once they're talking,
They can't seem to stop.

Don't Pity Me

If you can't love me,
You shouldn't pity me, girl.
It's no substitute.

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

If you have a deal,
Don't let it go down. And don't
Let the blues get you.

Don't Let Anyone Write Your Story

Carole King gets help
From Bob and Gerry Goffin
On this pep-talk song.

Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight

Bob rhymes aloud here.
He seeks attention and love,
But won't give it back.

Don't Ever Take Yourself Away

To leave me would be
Uncivilized. Darling please,
Don't be so vulgar.

Doney Gal

Cowboy's cowgirl rides
Along on the cattle drive.
She's a good cowgirl.

Dolly Dagger

She's a maneater,
That Dolly Dagger. Step back,
'Coz she'll cheat on you.


Minnesota Bob
Wishes he were Dixie-bound.
I'll stay in Jersey.

Disease of Conceit

Universal ill:
Everybody is conceited.
You can die from it.

Dirty World

Bad girl good for Bob,
Only in moderation.
Doc says "leave her be."

Dirty Lie

Bob has to warn you
About the things people say.
They are dirty lies.

Dirt Road Blues

Bob's walking the road,
Hoping his baby comes back.
He'll hope forever.


You are hollow, and
A bleak ode to sin. But Bob
Loves you anyway.

Dink's Song

Dink once had a man.
He got her pregnant. Now he
Don't come ‘round no more.


Dignity, it's more
Than a word, everyone knows,
But they don't get it.

Diamond Joe (Masked and Anonymous)

Diamond Joe's buddy
Thinks fun means rootin', tootin',
Lootin' and shootin'.

Diamond Joe

Diamond Joe hired me.
I thought it was good money.
But Joe, now I know.

The Devil's Been Busy

Bob nags a rich chick
Who hurts the environment.
I think that's what's up.

Devilish Mary

Marriage spoils Mary.
She abuses her husband.
Then they get divorced.

Detroit City

Living in Detroit
Is good for a paycheck, but
I'd rather be home.

Desolation Row

Desolation row.
People get up to weird things.
Bob misses a girl.

Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)

Bob and Joan Baez
Sing about the deportees,
Dead at Los Gatos.


Denise can't one-up
Our man Bob. All she can do,
He already done.


She might have survived,
Staying with Bob, not bad boys.
Those guys murdered her.

Deep Elem Blues

This part of Dallas
Is thick with thieves and loose chicks.
Be careful down here.

Death of Emmett Till

Want to get angry?
Hear Bob’s song about the death
And lynching of Till.

Death Letter Blues

A man's girlfriend dies.
He hears about it by mail.
He visits her corpse.