Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Death Is Not the End

Things might suck now, but
Don't worry. They'll suck much more
After you are dead.

Death Don't Have No Mercy

Death is one cold cat.
He takes mothers and won't spare
Sisters and brothers.

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

Woody writes a song
For Eleanor Roosevelt,
Praising her husband.

Dear Landlord

Bob's eloquent plea
To his landlord to please keep
His monthly rent down.

Dead Man, Dead Man

Your fashion and fear
Only make me mock you, man.
You're a Philistine!

Days of '49

Bawdy goldminer
Remembers his grubby pals
And gets liquored up.

The Day of the Locusts

Bob gets a degree,
It's a hot day. He wants to
Hit the road quickly.

Dark Eyes

Bob has a vision
Of millions of dark eyes. They
Are his biggest fans.

Dark as a Dungeon

After hearing this,
You'd have to be crazy to
Be a coal miner.

Dancing in the Dark

I could write a book,
But I'm hungry for a bit
Of you-know-what, hon.

Da Doo Run Run

Bob is more obsessed
with the days of the week than
The girl he's seeing.


Cupid, shoot Bob now.
You did it for Sam Cooke, so
Shoot that girl too, please.

The Cuckoo Is a Pretty Bird

A gambler laments
His addiction; it won't let
Him go birdwatching.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Nuclear warfare
Makes Bob's problems seem petty.
Death will do that, man.

Cry a While

I spent 50 years
Crying about lost love, babe.
You try crying some.


He hits the crossroads.
Various bad things happen.
He goes to Rosedale.

Crazy Love

Crazy love is good
If, as Van and Bob believe,
It feels this mellow.

Crash on the Levee

You can be a grouch,
But when the flood comes, you're on
Your own, my friend.

Cover Down Breakthrough

Accepting Jesus
Is like joining the Marines.
Basic training sucks.

Covenant Woman

Dylan's kind of chick
Doesn't just put out. She prays
For Bob's salvation.

A Couple More Years

Bob dumps his amour,
Reasoning that he is too old.
Yup, *that* old excuse.