Monday, December 28, 2020

End of 2020 update: There's a book out with most of this stuff

I have not had much to say on Bob or haiku since concluding my Dylan haiku project. The book has been out for a while, and surprisingly still sells. Should you stumble across this abandoned desert, note that the massive amount of material which Dylan didn't release officially, but did perform in rehearsals, concerts etc, is almost as much as he did release. It was a stretch to try to convert all that into haiku, often a stretch with embarrassing results, but this stuff is up here and available if you're into material just a bit less quality than the Knocked Out Loaded sessions. A separate note: Dylan has released a lot of stuff since I put out Haiku 61 Revisited. The book was current as of "Fallen Angels," I think. I'm pretty sure I didn't get into "Triplicate," though memory is hazy and I don't have a copy with me to check. I've thought about doing a second edition with rewritten and reconsidered material from the Nashville Skyline/Self-Portrait/New Morning Sessions, also "Rough and Rowdy Ways" and a few other things, but I'm looking at more conventional projects now. I finished one novel, still unpublished, I'm in drafts on another, and I wrote 10 horror short stories, which were great fun but require some work. I have a few other ideas that I'm working on, between the hours of the day job, and as I say, should you stumble across this post, well... hello. I hope I can write something else to entertain you.