Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do Think Twice, It's All Right

I'm posting a few songs twice or three times here or there. Sometimes I fix a syllabification error. Other times I alter or rewrite a haiku as new ideas come to me. Speaking of syllabification errors, I spied my first one. I bet there are others. I wrote:

"Annie's song ain't great,
But it does something to Bob --
Mostly makes him feel sad."

That's six syllables! I fixed it.

Separately, I encountered an odd situation when I started writing up haiku based on songs that Dylan performed by other people with whom the songs are closely associated. Should I say that the water that stoned Van Morrison in "And It Stoned Me?" stoned Van in the haiku? Not necessarily, I concluded. I wrote these haiku because Bob Dylan stamped them with his own rendition. Therefore, the water stoned Bob -- even if he didn't get it himself from the mountain stream.

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