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Bob Dylan: Bootlegs of Spanish leather

This is a list of songs that Bob Dylan has performed at one time or another, but has not released commercially. I intended this list to include: a) Live songs, b) studio or live rehearsal songs that are reasonably finished rather than fragmentary, c) songs that, even if there is another artist involved, are ones that Dylan "leads," rather than ones to which he contributes a guitar, a piano, a harmonica, backing vocals and so on. There might be gross omissions and incorrect information here. I would be happy if anyone would like to correct me. There also will be inevitable omissions here for studio outtakes, particularly from sessions in the 1980s or the late 1960s, which remain a mystery to me because I have heard so little of them.

A-11 (Live 2005)
Abner Young (Karen Wallace apartment, 1960)
Abraham Martin and John (Live 1981)
Accidentally Like a Martyr (Live 2002)
A Couple More Years (Shel Silverstein. Hearts of Fire)
Adelita (Planet Waves, Chabad)
Across the Borderline (Live 1986, Farm Aid concert)
A Hazy Shade of Winter (Live 1992. Simon and Garfunkel)
A House of Gold (Live 1989, Hank Williams)
Ain't Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody (Dylan, 1980)
Alabama Getaway (Live 1995-2003)
Alligator Man (Jimmy Newman/Floyd Chance. New Morning, 1970)
All I Have to Do Is Dream (Everly Brothers, New Morning, 1970)
All My Tomorrows Belong to You (Sammy Cahn/Jimmy van Heusen, Live 1986)
Almost Done/Angel of Rain (Live 1984 rehearsals)
Amazing Grace (From Masked and Anonymous film)
And It Stoned Me (Live 1989)
Annie's Song (Acme sessions. Unclear if John Denver or Tom Rush)
An Old Rock n' Roller (Live 1990-1991. Charlie Daniels: Simple Man)
Answer Me, My Love (Live 1991. Nat King Cole)
Any Way You Want It (That's How I Will Be) (1994 for unreleased Elvis Presley tribute.)
A Pirate Looks at 40 (1982 Rose Bowl, Pasadena. Peace Sunday. Jimmy Buffett)
Around and Around (Live 1992. Chuck Berry)
As Time Passes By (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
A Voice From on High (Live 2002. Bill Monroe)
Baby What Do You Want Me to Do? (1985 Farm-Aid rehearsal. Jimmy Reed)
Backdoor Blues (Grasshoppers on My Pillow) (Karen Wallace tape)
Ball and Biscuit (Live 2004. White Stripes)
Barefootin' (Down in the Groove rehearsals 1987. Robert Parker)
Belltower Blues (Blood on the Tracks)
Big Boss Man (Live, Grateful Dead, 2003. Jimmy Reed)
The Big Flood (Tupelo/Backwater Blues) (Live, 1961)
Black Muddy River (Live 1992. Grateful Dead)
Blessed Is the Name (Live 1979-1982. Possibly original)
Blue Bonnet Girl (Live 2000. The Pioneers/Roy Rogers)
Blue Monday (Live 2005, Brixton. Fats Domino)
Blue Moon of Kentucky (Live 1999 with Paul Simon. Bill Monroe)
Blue Suede Shoes (Live 1998 with Van Morrison. Carl Perkins)
Blues Yodel 1: T Is for Texas (1969, Johnny Cash. Jimmie Rodgers)
Blues Yodel 5 (1969, Johnny Cash. Jimmie Rodgers)
Blues Yodel 9 (1960, Karen Wallace apartment.)
Boom Boom Mancini (Live 2002. Warren Zevon)
Boppin' the Blues (1956 teenager tape)
Branded Man (1987 Down in the Groove rehearsals. Merle Haggard)
Brown Sugar (Live 2002, Rolling Stones)
But I Forgive You (Soundchecks, Live 1978)
Buzz Buzz Buzz (Teenage tape. 1957, The Hollywood Flames."
California Brown-Eyed Baby (Manuscript only.)
Candy Man (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Reverend Gary Davis)
Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had (Acme sessions)
Car Car (Various tapes, 1960-1961. Woody Guthrie)
Careless Love (1969 Johnny Cash sessions. Buddy Bolden Band)
Carrying a Torch (Live 2002. Van Morrison)
Casey Jones (Acme sessions)
Chain Gang (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Sam Cooke)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Apollo Theater Foundation 70th Celebration, A Hot Night in Harlem, 2004)
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie (Infidels outtake, 1983)
Cold, Cold Heart (Infidels outtake, 1983)
Colorado Blues (Manuscript only)
Columbus Stockade Blues (Karen Wallace tape)
Come a Little Bit Closer (Self-Portrait sessions, 1970. Jay and the Americans)
Come Back Baby (One More Time) (Knocked Our Loaded sessions 1986. Unclear which song) (See lower down)
Come See (Bonnie Beecher 1961. Woody Guthrie)
A Couple More Years (Live 1980, also Hearts of Fire film. Shel Silverstein)
Cover Down Breakthrough (Live 1980, Bob Dylan)
Crazy Love (Live 1989-1991. Van Morrison)
Cuban Missile Crisis (Broadside?)
Cupid (New Morning sessions, 1970)
Da Doo Run Run (New Morning sessions, 1970)
Dancing in the Dark (Live 1990)
Dark as a Dungeon (Live 1975)
Death Don't Have No Mercy (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961)
Death Letter Blues (David Whitaker, Minneapolis, 1963)
Denise (Outtake, Another Side of Bob Dylan, 1964)
Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (Live 1974-1976. Woody Guthrie)
Detroit City (Live 1990. Danny Dill and Mel Tillis)
Devilish Mary (Bonnie Beecher tape. Traditional)
Dolly Dagger (Live 1992. Jimi Hendrix)
Doney Gal (Karen Wallace tape)
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (Live 1992)
Don't Pity Me (Live 1989)
Don't Start Me to Talkin' (David Letterman show, 1984)
Don't You Push Me Down (Bonnie Beecher tape. Woody Guthrie)
Dope Fiend Robber (Manuscript only)
Dust My Broom (Live 1991)
Earth Angel (1956 tape. The Penguins)
Easy Loving (Live 2003. Freddie Hart)
Easy Rider (Don't Deny My Name) (Ardent Studios, Memphis, 1994)
Eileen Aroon (Live 1988-1989)
El Paso (Live 1989. Marty Robbins)
End of the Innocence (Live 2002. Don Henley)
Enough Is Enough (Live 1984. Bob Dylan)
Everybody's Crying Mercy (Acme sessions. Mose Allison)
Everybody's Movin' (Live 1988-1990. Glen Glenn)
Every Night When the Sun Goes Down (Karen Wallace tape)
Farewell to the Gold (Live 1992. Nic Jones/Paul Metsers)
Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy (Hearts of Fire movie soundtrack. Neville Brothers)
Female Rambling Sailor (Live 1992)
Fever (Live 1980. Peggy Lee)
Firebird (Empire Burlesque, 1985)
Fishin' Blues (New Morning rehearsals, 1970. Henry Thomas)
Five Feet High and Rising (Nashville Skyline rehearsals, 1969. Johnny Cash)
Freedom for the Stallion (Empire Burlesque rehearsals, 1985. Allen Toussaint)
Get out of Denver (Live 2004. Bob Seger)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (New Morning rehearsals, 1970. Stan Jones)
Give My Love to Rose (Live 1988-1989. Johnny Cash)
Go Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy (Bob and Sid Gleason tape, 1961. Traditional)
Go Down, Moses (Live 1987. Traditional)
Go Down, You Murderers (Karen Wallace tape, 1961)
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (Live 2003. Grateful Dead/Woody Guthrie)
Golden Vanity (Live 1991-1992. Traditional)
Goodbye Holly (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid rehearsals. Bob Dylan)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Live 2003. Sonny Boy Williamson)
Good Night, My Love (World Gone Wrong sessions, 1993)
Good Old Mountain Dew (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Bascom Lamar Lunsford)
Good Rockin' Mama (Live 1986. John Lee Hooker)
Go Tell It on the Mountain (Karen Wallace tape, 1961)
Got Love If You Want It (Down in the Groove sessions and initial pressings, 1987. Slim Harpo)
Gotta Do My Time (Acme sessions. Unknown)
Gravity Song (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Great Historical Bum (Karen Wallace tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash session, 1969. Johnny Cash)
Gypsy Davey (Bob and Sid Gleason tape, 1961)
Hallelujah (Live 1988. Leonard Cohen)
Hallelujah I'm Ready to Go (Live 1999. Traditional)
Hangknot Slipknot (1961 Indian Neck Folk Festival)
Hard Travelin' (WBAI Cynthia Gooding radio show, 1962)
Heartbreak Hotel (Live 2009. Elvis Presley)
Hello Stranger (World Gone Wrong sessions, 1993. Carter Family)
Help Me Make It Through the Night (Live 1990. Kris Kristofferson)
Here Comes the Sun (Live 1981. George Harrison)
Hey Good Lookin' (Live 1990. Hank Williams)
Hey Joe (Acme sessions, Live 1992. William Roberts. Jimi Hendrix)
Hey La La (Live 1989. Ernest Tubb. Ray Price)
Homeward Bound (Live 1991. Simon and Garfunkel)
Honey Wait (Al Green 1984 session?)
Honky Tonk Blues (Live 1999. Hank Williams)
Hoochie Coochie Man (Live 1999. Willie Dixon)
House of Gold (Live 1989-1990, Hank Williams)
Howdidoo (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
Hummingbird (Live 2001-2002. Johnnie and Jack)
I Am the Man, Thomas (Live 1999-2002. Ralph Stanley)
I Can't Be Satisfied (Live 1992. Muddy Waters)
I Can't Leave Her Behind (Eat the Document)
If You Need Me (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Wilson Pickett)
I Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Johnny Cash)
I'll Not Be a Stranger (Live 1997. Traditional)
I'm a Steady Rollin' Man (Live 1978. Robert Johnson)
I'm Glad I Got to See You Once Again (Live 1988. Don Gibson)
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right out of My Hair (Infidels outtake, 1983)
I'm in the Mood for Love (Live 1988-1989. Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields)
I'm Moving On (Live 1986-1993. Hank Snow)
I'm Not Supposed to Care (Live 1998. Gordon Lightfoot)
Important Words (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Gene Vincent)
I'm Ready (Live 1978. Willie Dixon)
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Rehearsed with Grateful Dead, 1987. Hank Williams)
In the Evening (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Leroy Carr)
In the Pines (Live 1961, 1989-1990. Leadbelly)
In the Still of the Night (1956 tape. The Five Satins)
In the Summertime (Empire Burlesque rehearsals, 1985. Mungo Jerry)
I Once Knew a Man (David Letterman 1984 rehearsal)
I See Fire in Your Eyes (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Johnny Cash)
It's All in the Game (Live 1981. Tommy Edwards.)
It's Hard to Be Blind (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Reverend Gary Davis)
It's Too Late (Live 1991-1997. Chuck Willis)
I've Been All Around This World (Hang Me)  (Live 1990. Traditional)
I Walk the Line (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Johnny Cash)
I Want My Milk (And I Want It Now) (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
I Will Love Him (Live 1980. Bob Dylan)
I Will Sing (Live 1980. Max Dyer)
Jamaica Farewell (New Morning sessions, 1970. Lord Burgess)
Jenny Jenny (Live 1957. Little Richard)
Jesse James (Bob and Sid Gleason, 1961. Billy Gashade)
Jesus Christ (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Woody Guthrie)
Jesus Is the One (Live 1981. Dylan?)
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (Bob and Sid Gleason, 1961. Reverend Gary Davis)
Johnny B. Goode (With the Grateful Dead, 2003. Chuck Berry)
Johnny We Hardly Knew You (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Traditional)
Jugband Song (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
Julius and Ethel (Infidels outtakes, 1983)
Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Traditional)
Just a Little Bit (Live 1981. Roscoe Gordon)
Just Because (Acme sessions. Shelton Brothers)
Justine (Live 1986. Don & Dewey)
Just When I Needed You Most (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Randy VanWarmer)
K.C. Moan (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Will Shade)
Kaatskill Serenade (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
Kansas City (Live 1986. Leiber/Stoller, Wilbert Harrison)
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (March on Washington, 1963. Alice Wine)
Key to the Highway (Live 1990-1995. Big Bill Broonzy)
L'Air de la Louisiane (Live 1989. Jesse Winchester)
Lakes of Ponchartrain (Live 1988-1991. Traditional)
Lawyers, Guns and Money (Live 2002. Warren Zevon)
Legend in My Time (Live 1989. Don Gibson)
Let the Good Times Roll (1956 tape. Live 1986. Leonard Lee)
Let's Begin (Live 1981. Jimmy Webb)
Let's Learn to Live and Love Again (Live 1990. Jack Scott)
Let the Light Shine on Me (Live 2014. Blind Willie Johnson)
Listen to Me (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Buddy Holly)
Little Moses (Self-Portrait sessions, 1970. Live 1992-1993. Traditional)
Little Queen of Spades (Concert rehearsals, 1989. Robert Johnson)
London Calling (Live 2005. The Clash)
Lonely Avenue (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Doc Pomus)
Lonesome Bedroom Blues (Live 1978. Curtis Jones)
Lonesome Town (Live 1986-1989. Ricky Nelson)
Long Black Veil (New Morning sessions, 1970. Live 1997. Dill/Wilkin)
Long John (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Traditional)
Long Johnny Coo-Coo (Eric von Schmidt tape, 1964. Traditional)
Long Time Man Feel Bad (Mackenzie tape. Cynthia Gooding radio show, 1961. Traditional)
Look on Yonder Wall (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. James Clark)
Look Yonder (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Lost Highway (Don't Look Back, 1965)
Louie Louie (Farm Aid rehearsal, 1985. Richard Berry)
Love Her With a Feeling (Live 1978. Tampa Red)
Main Street Moan (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
Make Me a Palette on Your Floor (Billy Faier show 1962)
Making Believe (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Live 1989. Jimmy Work)
Marine's Hymn (Live 1990. Traditional)
Mary From the Wild Moor (Live 1980-1981. Traditional)
Matchbox (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Carl Perkins)
Milk Cow Blues (1962 sessions, Live 2004. Kokomo Arnold)
Money Blues (Desire. Bob Dylan/Jacques Levy)
Money Honey (Live 1999. Jesse Stone, Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters)
Moondance (Live 1991. Van Morrison)
Moon River (Live 1990. Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini)
More and More (Live 1989, 1998. Webb Pierce, Merle Kilgore)
More Than Flesh and Blood (Rehearsed 1978, Helena Springs.)
Morning Blues (Acme sessions. Unknown)
Mountain of Love (Al Green 1984 session?)
Mountains of Mourn (Live 1991. Percy French)
My Head's in Mississippi (Live 1990. ZZ Top)
My Prayer (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Georges Boulanger, The Platters)
Mystery Train (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Herman Parker Jr.)
Nadine (Live 1988. Chuck Berry)
Naomi Wise (Riverside Church, Bonnie Beecher, 1961. Traditional)
Never Let Me Go (Live 1975. Johnny Ace? Joseph C. Scott?)
New Danville Girl (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985. Dylan, Sam Shepard)
New Lee Highway Blues (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
New Minglewood Blues (Live 1996. Traditional)
1913 Massacre (Live 1961. Woody Guthrie)
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Jimmie Cox)
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Acme sessions. Blind Willie Johnson)
No Money Down (Live 1981. Chuck Berry)
No More One More Time (Live 1990. Jo-El Sonnier)
Northeast Texas Women (Acme sessions. Willis Alan Ramsey, David Bromberg)
Not Fade Away (Live 1998-2002. Buddy Holly)
Nothin' But You (Live 1989. Steve Earle)
Nowhere Man (Live 1990. The Beatles)
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (Live 1990, 1997-2001. Elizabeth Cotten)
Oh Lonesome Me (New Morning sessions, 1970. Don Gibson)
Old Five and Dimers Like Me (During Hearts of Fire. 1986)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Live 1990. Traditional)
Old Man (Live 2002. Neil Young)
Old Rock n' Roller (Live 1991. Charlie Daniels)
One-Eyed Jacks (Live 1960. Bob Dylan)
One Night of Sin (Ardent Studios, Memphis, 1994.)
Paid the Price (Live 1990. Moon Martin)
Pancho and Lefty (Live 1989-1993. Townes Van Zandt)
Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (Live 1999-2000. Frances J. Crosby/William H. Doane)
Patty's Gone to Laredo (Renaldo and Clara)
Pastures of Plenty (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Woody Guthrie)
Payday at Coal Creek (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Traditional)
Peace in the Valley (Live 1989. Thomas A. Dorsey)
People Putting People Down (Live 1991. John Prine)
Polly Vaughan (Acme sessions. Traditional)
Pretty Polly (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Traditional)
Prince of Plunder (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Queen of Rock n' Roll (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Ragtime Annie (Live 1997. Traditional)
Railroad Boy (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Live 1976. Traditional)
Railroading on the Great Divide (Live 1961. Sara Carter Bayes)
Ramblin' Around (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
Ramblin' Man (Live 1995. Allman Brothers)
Rangers Command (Cynthia Gooding, 1962. Woody Guthrie)
Ready Teddy (1956 tape. Little Richard)
Real Real Gone (Live 1995. Van Morrison)
Red Hot (Live 1992. Billy Emerson)
Red Rosey Bush (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Traditional)
Remember Me (When the Candlelights Are Gleaming. Scott Wiseman)
Repossession Blues (Rehearsals 1978. Roland James)'
Rise Again (Live 1980, Acme sessions. Dallas Holm)
Rising Sun (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Rock 'Em Dead (AKA Uranium Rock) (Live 1986)
Rock Me, Baby (Acme sessions. B.B. King)
Rock Me, Mama (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid sessions)
Rock n' Roll Ruby (Down in the Groove Sessions, 1987. Johnny Cash)
Rock of Ages (Live 1999-2000. Traditional)
Rock With Me Baby (Live 1986. Billy Lee Riley)
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Eve and Mac McKenzie tape, 1961)
Rollin' and Tumblin' (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986)
Roll on John (Cynthia Gooding radio show, WBAI)
Roving Blade (Live 1992, 1998, 2000. Traditional)
Roving Gambler (Karen Wallace tape, 1961. Live 1991-2002. Traditional)
Rumble (Live 2005, Link Wray)
Sail On (Acme sessions. Unknown)
Samson and Delilah (Live 2004. Traditional)
San Francisco Bay Blues (Bob and Sid Gleason tape, 1961. Live 1988. Jesse Fuller)
Satisfaction (Live 1986. The Rolling Stones)
Searching for a Soldier's Grave (Live 2000-2002. Kitty Wells)
Send Me to the 'lectric Chair (Acme sessions. George Brooks)
Shake a Hand (Live 1986. Joe Morris)
Shake, Rattle and Roll (Live 1991. Charles E. Calhoun)
Shake Sugaree (Live 1996-1997. Elizabeth Cotten)
Shake Your Moneymaker (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Elmore James)
She's About a Mover (Live 1988, 2000. Doug Sahm)
She's Love Crazy (Live 1978. Tampa Red)
Sidewalks, Fences and Walls (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Solomon Burke)
Sing Me Back Home (Live 2004-2005. Merle Haggard)
Sinner Man (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Traditional)
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (Self-Portrait sessions, 1970. Otis Redding, Steve Cropper)
Sloppy Drunk (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
Smoke Stack Lightnin' (Cynthia Gooding show, 1962. Chester Burnette)
So Long, Good Luck and Goodbye (Live 1986. Weldon Rogers)
Some Enchanted Evening (With NRBQ?)
Something (Live 2002. George Harrison)
Soon (Live 1987. George Gershwin concert)
Sounds of Silence (Live 1999. Simon and Garfunkel)
Southern Cannonball (Bob and Sid Gleason tape, 1961. Jimmie Rodgers)
Stand by Me (Live 1990. Charles Albert Tindley)
Stone Walls and Steel Bars (Live 1997-2002. Ray Marcum/Ray Pennington)
Straight A's in Love (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985. Johnny Cash)
Streets of Glory (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Traditional)
Sukiyaki (Live 1986. Rokusuke Ei/Hachidai Nakamura)
Summer Wages (Acme sessions. Ian Tyson)
Su Su's Got a Mohawk (Acme sessions. Unknown)
Take Me out to the Ball Game (Theme Time Radio Hour)
Take This Hammer (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Traditional)
Talking Columbia Blues (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Woody Guthrie)
Talking Fishing Blues (Indian Neck Folk Festival 1961. Bonnie Beecher. Woody Guthrie)
Talking Folklore Center (1962. Dylan)
Talking Hugh Brown (1962? Dylan)
Talking Inflation Blues (Hugh Brown tape, 1960. Tom Glazer)
Talking Merchant Marine (Hugh Brown tape. Woody Guthrie. AKA Talking Sailor)
Telephone Line (New Morning sessions, 1969. ?)
Tennessee Blues (Acme sessions. Charles)
Thank God (1986 Chabad telethon. Hank Williams)
That'll Be the Day (Live 1999. Buddy Holly)
That Lucky Old Sun (Live 1985-1986, 1991. Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smith)
The Girl I Left Behind (Live 1961. Oscar Brand Folk Song Festival. Traditional. Available on 3-CD set American Folk Legends)
The Green Green Grass of Home (Infidels sessions, 1983. Tom Jones)
The Harder They Come (Live 1989. Jimmy Cliff)
The Heart That You Own (Live 1999. Dwight Yoakam)
The Lady Came From Baltimore (Acme sessions. Tim Hardin)
The Lady of Carlisle (Live 1992. Traditional)
The Mobile Line (Acme sessions. Papa Harvey Hull and Long Cleve Reed)
Then He Kissed Me (Rehearsal, 1985. Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector)
There Ain't Gonna Be a Next Time (Blood on the Tracks)
The Times We've Known (Live 1998. Charles Aznavour)
The Wagoner's Lad (Live 1988-1990. Traditional)
The Wanderer (Live 1999. Ernie Maresca)
The Wayfaring Stranger (Eve and Mac McKenzie tape, 1961. Traditional)
Thief on the Cross (Live 1981. Bob Dylan)
This Train Is Bound for Glory (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Traditional)
This Was My Love (Infidels sessions, 1983. Jim Harbert, Frank Sinatra)
This World Can't Stand Long (Live 1999-2002. Jim Anglin)
To Fall in Love With You (Hearts of Fire, 1986)
Too Hot to Drive By (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Too Late, She's Gone (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Chuck Willis)
Train a-Travelin' (Dylan)
Train of Love (Live 1999. Johnny Cash)
Train of Pain (Live 1986. ?)
Treat Her Right (Late Show David Letterman rehearsal, 1984. Roy Head)
Troubled and I Don't Know Why (Live 1963. Traditional)
Trouble Me No More (?, Muddy Waters)
Trouble No More (Worried Life Blues) (Live 1990. Muddy Waters)
Tupelo Honey (Live 1984, 1991. Van Morrison)
20/20 Vision (Live 1991. Joe Allison, Milton Estes)
Twenty-One Years (Live 1963. Bob Miller)
Twist and Shout (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Phil Medley and Bert Russell)
Two Sisters (Karen Wallace tape, 1961)
Unchain My Heart (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Freddy James/Agnes Jones)
Universal Soldier (Self-Portrait sessions, 1970. Buffy Sainte-Marie)
VD Blues (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
VD City (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
VD Gunner (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
VD Seaman's Last Letter (McKenzie manuscripts. Woody Guthrie)
VD Waltz (Bonnie Beecher tape, 1961. Woody Guthrie)
Vincent Van Gogh (Live 1976. Robert Freimark)
Viola Lee Blues (Live 1997. Noah Lewis)
Wait for the Light to Shine (Live 2001-2002. Fred Rose)
Waiting to Get Beat (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985) (Also: The Very Thought of You)
Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Live 1990. Joe South)
Weary Blues From Waitin' (Live 1976. Hank Williams)
We Belong Together (1958 tape. Robert & Johnny)
Weeping Willow (Live 1993. Blind Boy Fuller)
We Had It All (Live 1986. Fritts/Seals)
We Just Disagree (Live 1980-1981. Jim Krueger)
West LA Fadeaway (Live 1992-2003. Grateful Dead)
West Memphis (David Whitaker tape, 1963. Traditional)
West Texas (Live 1962. Traditional)
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) (Live 1986-1988. Robertson/Mysels/Cogan)
What Did the Deep Sea Say? (David Whitaker tape, 1963. Traditional)
What'd I Say? (Rehearsals 1985, 1988. Ray Charles)
When First Unto This Country (Live 1989, 1991. Traditional)
When the Line Forms (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
White Dove (Live 1997-2000. Carter Stanley)
Who Loves You More? (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985. Dylan?)
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Traditional)
Why Do I Have to Choose? (Live 1984. Willie Nelson)
Wild and Wicked World (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Unknown)
Willin' (Live 1990-1995. Lowell George)
Without Love (There Is Nothing) (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Clyde McPhatter)
Wolf (Empire Burlesque sessions, 1985)
Wop De Alano (Karen Wallace tape, 1960. Traditional)
World of Fools (Acme sessions. David Bromberg)
Would You Lay With Me in a Field of Stone?  (Acme sessions. David Allan Coe)
Yesterday (New Morning sessions, 1970. The Beatles)
Yonder Comes Sin
You Are My Sunshine (Johnny Cash sessions, 1969. Jimmie Davis/Charles Mitchell)
You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover (Down in the Groove sessions, 1987. Bo Diddley)
You Don't Know Me (Live 1989-1991. Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold)
You'll Never Walk Alone (Knocked Out Loaded sessions, 1986. Rodgers/Hammerstein)
You're Too Late (Live 1999. Lefty Frizzell/Herman P. Willis)
Your True Love (New Morning sessions, 1970. Carl Perkins)

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