Saturday, February 7, 2015

Country Pie

Bob loves all the pies.
Show him a pie, he'll eat it.
Give him some more pie.

This next-to-last song on the "Nashville Skyline" album is a one-minute and 37-second slice of perfection a la mode. Forsake any attempt to look for meaning beyond what we all take to be true: country pie is the best, and everybody wants a piece. Dylan is at his sunniest here, if occasionally cryptic for the hell of it, and his Nashville backing musicians sound like they're ready for some pie too.

1. How does he love his pie? He likes it like old Saxophone Joe when he has the hogshead on his toe.
2. Like the fiddler who plays until dawn.
3. He loves it with raspberry, strawberry, lemon and lime, blueberry, apple, cherry, pumpkin and plum.
4. He loves his pie enough to be tied to a big white goose that will waddle its way toward pie.
5. He loves his pie enough that he won't waste it on throwing pie in someone's face. (But he doesn't need much)
6. He loves it enough that you can shake him up the peach tree and he'll go way faster than Little Jack Horner.

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