Monday, January 19, 2015


Sherriff Pat Garrett
Hunts down bad Billy the Kid.
They used to be friends.

This haiku encompasses the tracks "Billy 1," "Billy 4" and "Billy 7" from the soundtrack album "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" for the movie by Sam Peckinpah. Each song sounds substantially different, but the lyrics, however they vary, are more or less the same: Billy the Kid is on the run from his old friend and fellow outlaw Pat Garrett, who now works for the "law," which is in thrall to the big business interests that want Billy out of their hair.

I can't find decent recordings of these songs, so here is Bob's first scene in the film. As you might expect from Peckinpah, there are shootings, blood and one big knife going through a bad guy's neck.

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