Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bourbon Street

I no longer live
On Bourbon Street, but there are
Some nice girls who do.

Complete chaos from the Basement Tapes session. Bob and the boys sing a woozy boozy New Orleans Dixie-style song that sounds like they made up the words as they played. The story vaguely concerns a man singing about how he used to live on Bourbon Street, but he doesn't live there anymore, but should you happen to be going there, you should take care to note that there are lots of nice women there who will show you a good time. The song is nearly surreal in its way of sliding off itself like an avalanche off a mountain, particularly as whoever is playing the trombone seems able to blow away on the thing at top volume without taking a breath. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the song to share.


  1. Hello Robert, yes another track from Bob Dylan's Music Box Join us inside and listen to every version of every song.

  2. Hasn't everyone everywhere had, or wished they had, a roaring party like the one in the basement? Not everyone had a trombone though.