Monday, July 6, 2015

Man of Peace

Want to spot Satan?
Look for the best guy around.
It's probably him.

This can't be news to you by now, but as Bob Dylan said, sometimes Satan comes as a "Man of Peace." That's the name of this song from the 1983 album "Infidels." There's not much more to it than that, making this a masterpiece of brevity.

Attributes and avatars of Satan:
- The Fuhrer
- Local priest
- Man of peace
- Gift of gab
- Harmonious tongue
- Knows all the love songs
- Hands full of grease
- First he's in the background, then he's in the front
- He always looks like he's on a rabbit hunt
- The chief of police can't see through him
- He always shows up when you're looking for sunlight and a solution to your troubles
- You'd never suspect it was Satan standing next to you in a crowd
- Fascinating
- Dull
- Rides down Niagara Falls in a barrel made of your skull
- He's a cook
- He's a humanitarian
- He's a philanthropist
- He knows how to touch you and kiss you
- He has the tender touch of the beast
- He howls like a wolf and crawls like a snake
- He uproots old trees
- He specializes in coming after single people, so you had better get married.

Here he is with the Grateful Dead in 1987.

Here is the studio version.

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  1. Hello Robert, thank you for posting this slice of musical history. Follow us inside Bob Dylan's Music Box and listen to every version of every song.