Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Maybe Someday

Someday you'll know I
Was the man for you, but I'm
Not holding my breath.

This song is conventional enough in its structure, but its weird structure sounds like a producer mixed Dylan's vocal track, that of the backup singers, the rhythm, the guitar, the horns and the keyboards from six different sessions. It appeared on the misbegotten 1986 album "Knocked Out Loaded," and doesn't really do itself much credit. That's too bad because it's not a bad track. It's another bitter goodbye to a woman who failed to take their relationship seriously. Dylan proposes that maybe someday she'll know why she was wrong and why he was so good. He salts the song with a little bit of religion too, but not enough to offend the casual lisetner. I like "uh-huh-uh" of the backup singers at the end.

Maybe someday:
- You'll be satisfied
- You'll beg me to take you back
- You'll find out everybody's somebody's fool
- You'll know what it would have taken to keep me cool
- You'll know the love I had for you was not my own (?)
- You'll have nowhere to turn
- You'll contemplate your burned bridges
- You'll see you were better off with me than with him
- You'll see that something for nothing is what everyone wants
- You'll believe me when I say that I really wanted you
- You'll hear the voice of God asking for whom you lived and died
- You'll find out how easy it was to follow me
- You'll know that the best love of all was the love I had for you

Miscellaneous words:
- Hostile cities and towns
- Judas reference, but with no down payment on the silver delivery
- Blood on the moon in the cotton belt
- How bad we were together
- He should have called your bluff
- He was off the handle, not sentimental enough
- He never broke down a bedroom door to get to you (he's sorry)
- Sucker for the right cross
- Gambler
- He never slept or waited for lightning to strike
- You went to San Francisco. Funny about that, he was there once for a party.

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  1. Yes Robert, another interesting analysis of a song from Bob Dylan's Music Box http://thebobdylanproject.com/Song/id/406/Maybe-Someday Follow us inside and listen to every version of every song composed, recorded or performed by Bob Dylan, plus all the great covers.