Saturday, July 11, 2015

Miss the Mississippi

He'd rather be home
On the big river with you
Than in the city.

This is an old Bill Halley song made famous by Jimmie Rodgers in 1932. Bob Dylan recorded it in 1992, but it didn't appear until volume 8 of the Bootleg Series, which compiles hard-to-find, unreleased and live tracks that Dylan performed between 1989 and 2006. 

I'm growing tired of these big city nights
Tired of the glamour and tired of the sights
In all my dreams, I am roving once more
Back to my home on the old river shore

I am sad and weary,
far away from home
Miss the Mississippi and you, dear.
Nights are dark and dreary
Everywhere I roam
Miss the Mississippi and you.
Rolling this wide world over
Always alone and blue, blue
Nothing seems to cheer me
Under heaven's dome
Miss the Mississippi and you

Memories are bringing
happy days of yore
Missing Mississippi and you
Mockingbirds are singing
around the cabin door
Miss the Mississippi and you
Rolling this wide world over
Always alone and blue, so blue
Longing for my homeland
Muddy water shore
Miss the Mississippi and you

The song has been done by plenty of famous singers. I've included Dylan's version first, then Jimmie Rodgers's, then Crystal Gale's.

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