Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Wife's Home Town

My wife is trouble.
She makes me do bad things, and
Her home town is hell.

"Hell is my wife's home town." It's one of the stranger choruses that Bob Dylan has ever sung, and I like it. "My Wife's Home Town" is a Dylan/Robert Hunter composition with a big dose of Willie Dixon in it. I don't know who the wife is supposed to be in this song, but she sounds like the crusty old Dylan who put this on the 2009 album "Together Through Life" has met his match.

Regarding the wife:
- Hell is her home town
- She makes you steal
- She makes you rob
- She gives you hives
- She makes you lose your job
- She makes things bad
- She makes things worse
- She has more potent poisons than a gypsy curse
- She will make me kill someone
- She makes me lose my reason
- She ensures that I love only her

My favorite lyrics from the song:

"Well there's reasons for that and reasons for this
I can't think of any just now, but I know they exist."

"Well there's plenty to remember, plenty to forget
I still can remember the day we met."

"State gone broke, the county's dry
Don't be looking at me, with that evil eye
Keep on walking don't be hanging around
I'm telling you again that Hell's my wife's home town"

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