Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nobody 'Cept You

Nothing pleases him
Except you. You remind him
Of pretty church hymns.

Here's a sweet little outtake from the "Planet Waves" sessions with the Band. Left off that 1974 album, it appeared on the first volume of the Bootleg Series in 1991.

Things for which she's an exception:
- Believes in nothing
- Nothing is sacred
- Tries for nobody
- Nothing worth living or dying for
- Nobody sees him
- Nothing pleases him
- Nothing hypnotizes him
- Nothing holds him in a spell
- Everything runs by him like water
- Everybody wants his attention
- Everybody wants to sell him something

Things she does:
- Reaches him
- Is admired by him
- Sets his soul on fire
- Matters

Things she's like:
- A church hymn he used to hear

And then there's this sweet, weird lyric from the grave:

Used to play in the cemetery
Dance and sing and run when I was a child
Never seemed strange
But now I just pass mournfully by
That place where the bones of life are piled
I know somethin’ has changed

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