Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mr. Blue

I wish you loved me.
You're painting the town red and
I'm painting it blue.

"Mr. Blue" is a song by the Fleetwoods from 1959. It's one of those songs that epitomizes white "rock and roll" that seemed, at least to me, to be a reaction by the music industry to white radio listeners who thought that Elvis and Jerry Lee were too raunchy and "black" in their raucous rock and roll. Bob Dylan covered the song with the Band in the Basement Tapes sessions of 1967. The song was written by Dewayne Blackwell. His other songs include "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home," recorded by Dave Frizzell, and "Friends in Low Places," made famous by Garth Brooks. Dylan's version is surprisingly straight, given the hoot of derision that you can hear from one of the Band's members in the background when he starts to play it. You can find this on volume 11 of the Bootleg Series.

Our guardian star lost all his glow
The day that I lost you
He lost all his glitter the day you said, no
And his silver turned to blue
Like him, I am doubtful that your love is true
But if you decide to call on me
Ask for Mr. Blue
I'm Mr. Blue (wah-a-wah-ooh)
When you say you love me (ah, Mr. Blue)
Then prove it by goin' out on the sly
Provin' your love isn't true
Call me Mr. Blue
I'm Mr. Blue (wah-a-wah-ooh)
When you say you're sorry (ah, Mr. Blue)
Then turn around, head for the lights of town
Hurtin' me through and through
Call me Mr. Blue
I stay at home at night (I stay at home)
Right by the phone at night (right by the phone)
But you won't call
And I-I won't hu-urt my pride (call me Mr)
I won't tell you (wah-a-wah-ooh)
Why you paint the town (ah, Mr. Blue)
A bright red to turn it upside down
I'm paintin' it too
But I'm paintin' it blue
Call me Mr. Blue (wah-a-wah-ooh)
Call me Mr. Blue (wah-a-wah-ooh)
Call me Mr. Blue

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