Monday, January 12, 2015

All Over You

Bob’s gonna get you.
Will he love you or kill you?
Remains to be seen.

I've seen the title of this song written as "If I Had to Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You," and that's the gist -- a revenge comedy, ha ha. Here's the first verse of the song, complete with tabs in case you want to play it on the guitar or bang it out on the piano. This comes courtesy of Eyolf Ă˜strom. The song is available on the Witmark Demos collection in the Bootleg series, and also on the harder-to-find "The 50th Anniversary Collection 1963."

G /f# /f E Well, if I had to do it all over again, A D G Babe, I'd do it all over you. G /f# /f E And if I had to wait for ten thousand years, A D Babe, I'd even do that too. B7 Em Well, a dog's got his bone in the alley, B7 Em A cat, she's got nine lives, A A millionaire's got a million dollars, D(7) King Saud's got four hundred wives. C D G Well, ev'rybody's got somethin' G /f# /f C/e That they're lookin' forward to. C G /f# /f E I'm lookin' forward to when I can do it all again A D G And babe, I'll do it all over you.

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