Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Annie's Going to Sing Her Song

You should hear Annie.
She leaves, then begs to come back.
I always let her.

This song makes me laugh, but I always feel bad afterward. The premise to the tune, which was released on Tom Paxton's "6" album in 1970, is this: Annie leaves her fella, then she cries and begs to come back. He always takes her back. There's a voyeuristic angle that bothers me, though. Paxton introduces the song by inviting us to have a few drinks because we're going to need it as we hear about this dysfunctional relationship. Every time he describes the situation, he gives us a stage wink, the ironic detachment that says, "yeah, I know, this sucks, but what do you want me to do?" I would hate to be poor Annie.

Bob recorded this song in March 1970 during his "Self Portrait" sessions. It was released on the Bootleg Series Vol. 10, which covers that period.

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