Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Any Time

Anytime at all,
You need me to want me to
Be your loving man.

This is one of the Basement Tapes recordings released in 2014 on the 11th volume of the Bootleg Series. It's on the sixth disc of the set, which Sony and Columbia reserved for tracks with poor sonic quality. I've listened to all of these tracks on three different sound systems and still have a hard time understanding the words he's singing. The static attached to the vocal tracks, combined with his unpredictable and sometimes nonsensical word choices makes understanding what's going on in the song difficult, and perhaps highlights the pointlessness of some of the Basement Tapes tracks, other than to mess around. I nevertheless tried to piece this together, especially after getting pretty good vocal reception on my treble-heavy headphones on my work computer. My conclusion is that the words that I yanked out of this after playing it a dozen times are about as deep as the song itself. That's fine. It was meant to be a fun time, not a writer's retreat.

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