Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Can't Wait

I have looked for you
For years. I want you so bad.
Better find you soon.

"I’m doomed to love you, I’ve been rolling through stormy weather. I’m thinking of you and all the places we could roam together."
More gut-bucket swamp-rock from the 1997 album "Time Out of Mind," produced by Daniel Lanois with that humid sound of his. Dylan in "Can't Wait" sings about how he can't wait for a former lover to change her mind. He wants her back, he can't live without her, he can't understand why this is and he can't wait because without her, he'll die. That all being said, he doesn't know what he would do if he saw her. He probably wouldn't be able to control himself. He concludes that he's the one as he goes "strolling through the lonely graveyard of my mind." When they parted, he left his life with her many years before. It's definitely not a situation you want to be in unless you make your living writing songs like this.

Here is a stunning performance of the song from a performance in Portsmouth, England, 2000.

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