Monday, January 26, 2015

Bring Me a Little Water

With Sylvie around,
Bob lacks for nothing, but he
Still wants some water.

This appears to be a variation on the title "Bring Me Little Water Sylvie," which I understand was written by Leadbelly, though I don't know that for sure. Bob recorded it during the "Self Portrait" sessions in 1970, but it wasn't released until volume 10 of the Bootleg Series. Sylvie appears to be a nice girl from Florida who lacks for nothing in the department of serving her man:

Sylvie is a good ol' girl
From Florida, so they say.
    C       C7        F     Dm7-5
She came up here last April
   C         G     C
To pass some time away.
Now, won't you bring me a little water, Sylvie?
Bring me a little water now
Bring me a little water, Sylvie
For my tired brow
Sylvie came here Wednesday
She came this morning by the light of the dawn
She comes up here now nearly all of the time
to see if she can carry on
Sylvie says she loves me
she says it all of the time
she always gets behind me
when the hill is too high to climb
She brings me milk and honey
Brings me slop and beans
brings me coconuts and candy

brings me turnip greens

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