Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Let Me Follow You Down

I’ll do what you want.
I’ll follow you to your house.
Be my future wife.

This is one of my favorite songs that Bob has performed. It gets right to the point and each version that I've heard, the one on his debut album in 1962 and the other on his performance with The Band in The Last Waltz, is full of energy and passion:

1. Baby let me follow you down. I'll do anything in this God-almighty world if you'll just let me follow you down.
2. Let me come home with you. I'll do anything in this etc etc etc
3. I'll buy you a diamond ring and a wedding gown if you'll....

As Boz Scaggs might reply: "What do you want the girl to do?"

Note, there are various live versions of this song kicking around, including one on the Bootleg Series, Vol. 4, the infamous Manchester 1966 concert in which he changes the lyrics significantly. You can see them here (He would buy her a serpent skirt and a velvet shirt, for instance).

Here's the hardcore version from The Last Waltz.

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