Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dress It Up, Better Have It All

She's beautiful, but
She can't light a cannonball.
Not every girl can.

"Dress It Up/Better Have It All" is a nonsense song from the Basement Tapes sessions of 1967. Dylan's words come through with reasonable fidelity considering the nature of the recording, but sometimes... most of the time... I have no idea what he's singing. I was able to get the following words, or approximations of words, but I think that most of the time he was just stringing words together as if they were random sounds:

- Most people can't see that I've grown
- Don't take it at all
- She's a fine beauty but she can't light a cannonball
- Honey I'm making a hard to road
- Ended up leaving but it's a heavy load
- Dress it up, some people have it all
- Shakin' up
- Hot dog
- Sitting on a trail, can't find nails
- All better hold my all
- Please little girl I hope you don't interrupt
- Hop skip and jump away
- I hope it come easy, I hope it come hard
- Sitting in the barnyard in the chicken yard
- Henry get the boy home, he's been gone too long.

Your haiku is as good as mine.

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