Friday, May 22, 2015

The French Girl

French girls are trouble.
They will love you and leave you.
Au revoir? Jamais.

This is a song from Ian & Sylvia's 1966 album "Play One More." It's a bittersweet tale of what happens when you hook up with a French girl who won't tell you her name. She's undoubtedly bent on maintaining her independence, as you can see:

1. She wears three silver rings on the crazy Saturday night that you spent at her place.
2. But first: Saturday morning! It's raining, you go walking on winding roads back to her house.
3. You drink Red wine (French wine, of course) at her place. You get it on, fall asleep.
4. She wakes up and you make small talk. You have to go, but you promise to meet her. She names a place.
5. When you go to the French cafe, nobody there speaks English so they can't tell you where she is. (This is Canada, so I'm assuming that the inability to find a single person to speak English on such an important affair is stretching it.)
6. You tell another guy that he might run into this girl in Canada, and that the chances of managing to keep her are low because she's too much for you.
7. PS, after your affair with her, you'll never be the same.

Dylan recorded the song with the Band during the Basement Tapes sessions in 1967.

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  1. Well Robert, you might be right about French Girls, especially their letters but when you have had enough of that come inside Bob Dylan's Music Box and listen to some great versions now.