Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dusty Old Fairgrounds

Melancholy clowns
From one fairground to the next
Ride the blue highways.

"Dusty Old Fairgrounds" is a rarity from 1963. Dylan performed it at Town Hall in New York City in April 1963. It appears on the hard-to-find "50th Anniversary Collection 1963." It's slice-of-life tale of ratty fair roustabouts and performers and so on. Dylan traces their melancholy ride to bring others fun, from the winter grounds in Florida to Michigan, Wisconsin and other places. They entertain the kids in cow country and in Montana and so on. They all make friends from their cameraderie on the road, they live their life free of the rules and conventions of normal society. Then they go back to St. Petersburg for the winter. Life is fleeting, joys are fleeting, love is fleeting...

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