Friday, May 15, 2015

Eternal Circle

Bob spies a woman
While on stage. She leaves before
He can hit on her.

This song, from the first album in the Bootleg Series, is a glimpse into the life of a hard-working folk singer who has needs like any man. He sings his song and notices that a woman is making eyes at him. He keeps singing his song -- a long one -- only to find that she doesn't stick around until the end. He keeps playing. Why not.

A summary:
- Slow song. Girl. Long song. (Just begun)
- Girl. Words on tongue. Eyes on fire. Long song. (More to come)
- Girl. Eyes on her outline. Hard breath. Long song. (Far more to come)
- Girl only member in audience who counts. Thoughts pound. Long song. (Gotta get it sung)
- Girl gone. Shadow missing. Guitar picking. Next long song. (Get it on)

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