Thursday, August 20, 2015


Various people
Seem to have a good time, but
They're actually not.

I'll be honest, I don't know what this song is about. "2x2" is from "Under the Red Sky" in 1990, and it seems like everyone distanced themselves from that album as quickly as they could. I like much of it, and I don't mind listening to this song with my mind turned off. But when I try to climb into it, I find that I can't. All I can see is that this Noah's Ark procession of people seem to start off OK, and wind up in less fortunate circumstances than those in which they started.

1. They follow the sun until there are none.
2. They fly to their lovers in the dew.
3. They dance on the sea.
4. The dance on the shore.
5. They try to survive.
6. They play with tricks.
7. They go to heaven.
8. They get to the gate.
9. They drink the wine.
10. They drink it again.
2. They step in the ark
3. They turn the key.
4. They turn it more.
2. They follow the sun to another rendezvous

How many/much:
paths did they try and fail?
of their siblings are in jail?
poison did they inhale?
black cats did they encounter?
tomorrows have they given away?
tomorrows without reward?
more tomorrows can they afford?

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