Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dr. Strangelove Blues

Some like it hot and
Some like it cold, but Strangelove
Likes it very weird.

This improvised song was sung by Eric von Schmidt and Bob Dylan at von Schmidt's Sarasota, Florida, home and released on the ultra-rare "50th Anniversary Collection 1964" copyright extension collection. I couldn't make out all of the lyrics so I did my best.

Some say he's a woman
Some say he's a man

I tell you some like it hot, oo yeah
Some like it hot.
Some like it cold.
Some like it hot.
Others they may like it cold.
And there's some people like it in a party
And some like it nine days old.

Some like it skinny
Some like it short and small
Some like it skinny
Some like it short and small
Well some like it too much
And some don't like it at all

Dr. Strangelove
Try me to the xxxxxxx
He travels all over
Tell you about Dr. Strangelove now,
Well you always have Dr. Strangelove

Well you all know about
The XXXXXX fairy queen
Well you all know about
Well I'm worried about that girl now,
That neither(?) Shetland Pony to maintain....

Well Dr. Strangelove
He sure is weird
Well Dr. Strangelove
Oh lord, he sure is weird.
He put me in bed with Charles Laughton
When he turned out to be King Lear.

He got.... XXXXXX
Well, all kind of strange things are going on.
Well, he got something for me...
Strange things going on.
Well the old black mama's XXXXXXXXXX
And the little kids are digging King Kong.

Goodbye, Dr. Strangelove
We'll see you again.

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