Thursday, August 20, 2015

When I Got Troubles

Begone, my troubles.
I'm gonna swing them away
And leave them behind.

I think that "When I Got Troubles," from 1959, is Bob Dylan's first "solo" recording, though I think there's also an earlier one with him and some of his high school friends. From 1957, perhaps. Anyway, this is the earliest one that appeared on a commercially released album under his name, so it's available for inclusion in the haiku series. It appears on volume 7 of the Bootleg Series, the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's Dylan documentary, "No Direction Home."

Well I got trouble
Trouble's on my mind
Yep, when I got trouble
Trouble's on my mind
Well, I'm gonna forget my trouble
Leave my trouble behind, behind

I'm gonna swing it up
Swing it down
Got the fever, then wham, wham wham!

Well, swing your troubles
Swing your troubles away
Yeah, well, swing baby
Swing your troubles today

Yea, yea, yea, yeah!

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