Friday, August 21, 2015

Wild Wolf

Wild wolf, holy books.
Pharaoh's armies made of bread.
No one cares for me.

"Wild Wolf" is an interesting, semi-intelligble song in progress that Bob Dylan and the Band recorded during the Basement Tapes sessions in 1967. I took these lyrics off a Wikia page on the Internet, but a warning: some of these lyrics aren't quite the way that I remember hearing them on the recording (which you can find on volume 11 of the Bootleg Series). This transcription says, for example, that Pharaoh and his armies were "made of a solid breath," whereas I heard "made of solid bread." Others have too. As for the haiku, it makes about as much sense as the song does.

Now the ruins are barely rolling
And the nations can't agree
On all that all the nations
But nobody feels very sorry for me
If I lost everything of all the saving grace
Yeah, but I can't help this smog
The day I feel it
She sure is standing
Now the holy book is written
Oh, what page
All are there
And as for a natural warning
But nobody done yet understand
Just like Pharaoh and his armies
They were made of a solid breath, yeah, and
That old bad wolf's gonna howl his way from morning
Holed in some big cavern
I would sit and wait, calling my children outside
But I just don't mean to hesitate
And if I was a master leader
I would attempt to laugh and rage
Yet the wild wolf he's big old bad 
And not a babe

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