Sunday, August 16, 2015

Peggy Day

Peggy Day and Night
Make Bob feel more than all right.
What two girls can do.

A tale of two Peggies. The song "Peggy Day" came out in 1969 on the album "Nashville Skyline," and it's one of Bob Dylan's most insubstantial songs. That's no marker of quality, however. This sweet tune is a keeper and I never grow tired of listening to it.

The story:

1. Peggy Day stole my heart away. By golly, there's not much more than I can say. I love to spend the night with Peggy Day.
2. Peggy Night makes my heart feel all right (Or is she Peggy Knight?) That girl is out of sight. Best to spend the day with Peggy Night.
3. I loved one of these Peggies, maybe both, before I knew their names. Now I tell everybody everywhere I go that I love Peggy, though they might not be sure to which Peggy I refer. I of course refer to both Peggies.
4. Peggy Day stole my heart away. She turned my skies from gray to blue.

You will note that Peggy Night does not make a second appearance.

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  1. Hello Robert, yes another small slice of musical history. Need to take a break? Then come inside Bob Dylan's Music Box and listen to every version of every song.