Sunday, August 16, 2015

Poor Boy Blues

Poor boy cries a lot.
Everyone and thing he sees
Produces fresh tears.

The song "Poor Boy Blues" was released in demo form only on the ninth volume of the Bootleg Series, which collects all the demonstration songs that Bob Dylan wrote for the Witmark publishing company as possible tunes to sell to other artists to perform. It contains nine tiny songs over nine verses, all with the same refrain: "Cain't ya hear me cryin'? Hm hm hm."

Bob Dylan and Nine Stories:
1. Where did you sleep last night?
2. What's wrong with you, baby?
3. Let me jump on this train.
4. I'm old enough for you to serve me a drink, bartender.
5. I run at the sound of the police whistle.
6. Don't charge me for this call, long-distance operator.
7. No difference between ashes and diamonds.
8. Court hears about my general condition.
9. Mississippi River she sure do run swiftly.

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