Sunday, August 16, 2015

Queen Jane Approximately

Queen Jane's a pain, but
Prince Bob wants to see her when
Her schedule frees up.

This is a fantastic though somewhat high-handed song from the 1965 album "Highway 61 Revisited." "Queen Jane Approximately" is an entreaty to a woman, or, as Bob Dylan once said to Nora Ephron, a MAN, who is a little too busy for real people such as the singer, and is spending too much time in wasteful pursuits with wasteful people. Unluckily for the subject, many of those people are about to be done with Queen Jane, but at that rock-bottom moment, Mr. Dylan would be happy to see him/her.

People whose patience with Jane is running out, and what they're doing:
- Mother (sends back invitations)
- Father (explains to sister that Jane is tired of her creations and herself)
- Flower ladies (they want their stuff back. Jane borrowed it)
- Children (they are starting to resent her)
- Clowns (they were commissioned, but died in battle or in vain)
- Jane (she's sick of the repetition)
- Advisers (they throw her plastic at her feet to show she's in pain. Does this mean her credit cards?)
- Bandits (she forgave them, but they complained. Funny bandits)

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