Saturday, August 8, 2015

On a Night Like This

It's snowing outside.
This is the kind of night made
For loving and bliss.

"On a Night Like This" is the opener on the 1974 album "Planet Waves," which Bob Dylan recorded with the Band. It's a woodsy, wintery, swinging love song capturing the jubilation of being with your sweetheart in an old cabin on a snowy night. Some people say it's weak, but I love it.

1. Glad you're here, holding me tightly. We're going to heat up some coffee and talk and reminisce.
2. Don't go away, run your fingers on my spine.
3. Why sleep? It's cold and there's lots of snow, so let's throw another log on the fire.
4. Stay close to me and keep me company. Then there's this weird line: "There is plenty of room for all so please don't elbow me." I thought he was singing "So please don't ever leave," but I wouldn't put it past him to use the former line. That said, I don't think they were expecting an orgy.
5. "If I'm not too far off, I think we did this once before." To me, that sounds like a sly reference to performing music with the Band again, which they hadn't done, other than in concerts, for the past few years. Meanwhile, there's more frost on the window every time the sweethearts kiss.

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