Sunday, August 9, 2015

One More Weekend

Leave the kids at home
And come out for the weekend.
We're gonna have fun.

You've heard of date night. This is date weekend, courtesy of Bob Dylan. "One More Weekend" is one of the domestic bliss songs on the 1970 album "New Morning," a rollicking rock n' roll ode to taking the wife out for a few days and leaving the kids home. I don't know why they have to be "slippin' and slidin' like a weasel on the run," but if muskrat love is a thing, then I suppose other mustelid impersonators can do what they like.

- They'll have some fun for one more weekend
- They'll hang out on the deck of his boat
- They'll take a trip on the ocean, just as she suspected
- They'll hang out all night long followed by the next day too
- They'll have a blast
- They'll go someplace they haven't been before
- They'll leave the kids home
- They'll come and go like rabbits (hint hint)

As far as he is concerned, she's like a needle in the haystack, but he's going to find her. Not only that, she's the "sweetest gona mama that this boy's ever gonna get."

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  1. Hello Robert, yes another fine piece of analysis. Take a break and come inside Bob Dylan's Music Box and listen to every version of every song