Monday, August 17, 2015

Seven Days

Seven more days and
Bob's pretty comrade arrives.
He's tired of waiting.

There was a time in the 1970s when Bob Dylan spent time with lots of rock n' roll guitarists and made a lot of loud music. Some of it was good, while some of it was just loud. "Seven Days" tends to fall into the latter category for me. It has some great moments, but generally it serves no purpose to my ear other than to get a shaggy band together to play all shambling and disorganized at top volume while Dylan sings cryptic lyrics. Still, though he didn't release it at the time, Joe Cocker and Ronnie Wood of the Stones each did versions that resounded well with audiences, and eventually Dylan's version came out on the Bootleg Series' inaugural edition in 1991.

The five verses of "Seven Days":
1. She's coming in a week. I'll be at the station waiting for her. All I gotta do is survive.
2. She's been gone since I was a child. I haven't forgotten her eyes.
3. I've been good while waiting, though I've been known for hesitating.
4. There's kissing, thieving, fighting, while I've been trying to be tender.
5. She's my beautiful comrade from the North.

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