Monday, August 17, 2015

Solid Rock

This world is chaos.
Bob hangs on like a limpet
To the solid rock.

This by-the-numbers religious testimonial is the first song on side 2 of the 1980 album "Saved." It uses the metaphor of the solid rock of salvation in contrast to the shifting ground and loyalties of living without God in your life. The chorus of the song goes like this, which is why I thought of a limpet or a barnacle when I was writing it:

"Well I'm hangin' on to a solid rock
Made before the foundation of the world
And I won't let go
And I can't let go, won't let
Go and I can't let go no more."

Dylan puts a full gospel boogie tilt into the song, which keeps it from sliding into sentimental territory.

Other verses, summarized:
- Jesus was chastised and hated on my behalf. He was rejected by his own world. People expect a false peace, which is unlikely given the anger of sovereign nations and all the cursed people out there.
- The way of all flesh is to fight the spirit 24 hours a day with every means possible. Jesus is on a 24-hour campaign against this.

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