Monday, August 17, 2015

Spanish Harlem Incident

Bob wants gypsy girl
To tell him his fortune and
Then hook up with him.

Not Phil Spector's "Spanish Harlem," not by a long shot. This 1964 song from "Another Side of Bob Dylan" tells the story of a sexy gypsy fortune teller and the singer's designs on her. He uses sophisticated poetry to woo her with this ultimate aim: "I got you know, babe, will you surround me? So I can tell if I'm really real."

Methods of gypsy gal seduction:
- Harlem can't hold you
- You're too hot for taming. Your fiery feet burn the street.
- I have no home, so take me to yours. Let me know my fortune. Hold my hands to read them.
- Your flashing eyes and teeth have really got me. I'm nearly drowning.
- I'm riding the cliffs of your charms.

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