Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tin Angel

Man steals woman.
Husband tracks them down. Then they
Slaughter each other.

They all die in the end. That’s your spoiler for “Tin Angel,” which is a variation on the “Gypsy Davey” or “Blackjack Davey” ballad, which Bob Dylan performed in 1992 on the “Good As I Been to You” album. Because “Tin Angel” appears on “Tempt,” released in 2012, it has more of that album’s tendency toward violence and murder. In this version of the song:

Wife runs off with younger lover.
Husband pursues, predictably upset.
Husband confronts the lovers. Passionate words ensue.
Lover shoots husband dead.
Wife stabs lover to death, noting that just because she was unfaithful didn’t give her lover the right to kill the husband.
Lover learns too late the real price of commitment.
Wife kills herself to return the favor she just did her lover.

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