Wednesday, August 19, 2015

To Be Alone With You

Hang with me, baby.
That's my favorite thing to do:
Be alone with you.

“Is it rolling, Bob?” Dylan asks of producer Bob Johnston at the start of “To Be Alone With You,” one of the sweet country-music love songs that he became so good at writing in the late 1960s. The song, which appears on “Nashville Skyline” in 1969, is a statement of purpose:

Ain’t that the way it ought to be?
Hold each other tight all night.
Everything’s all right when I’m alone with you.
“It only goes to show that while life’s pleasures be few, the only one I know is when I’m alone with you.”
“I’ll always thank the Lord when my working day’s through. I get my sweet reward, to be alone with you.”

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