Thursday, August 20, 2015

T.V. Talkin' Song

TV's bad for you.
Bob knows it, but still gets trapped
In channel surfing.

Here's a weird song from the 1990 album "Under the Red Sky." Bob takes a walk in Hyde Park and he comes to the Speakers' Corner. He listens to some people talk to the crowd as one does in Hyde Park. There's a religious man telling everyone that they shouldn't watch TV. The god of TV causes pain with its bright light. Better to have never seen one. Another guy starts arguing with TV preacher. The preacher says:
- children are sacrificed to it
- gossip and rhyme populate it
- don't let the TV god lay an egg in your head, because it's your temple
- Pray for peace! he says. The TV will destroy your family! It'll lead you to forbidden fruits, and will scramble up your brains. Do what Elvis did and "shoot the damned thing out." It'll make you lose your mind.
His words cause a riot with lots of pushing and shoving as the angry crowd tries to attack the man. A TV news crew gets footage of the melee. Bob goes home and watches the story of the fight on TV that night.

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