Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ugliest Girl in the World

Bob likes 'em ugly,
As the song's title attests.
They like him as well.

The music's pretty good, but the song "Ugliest Girl in the World" surely represents some kind of low point for Bob Dylan. The song, which came out on "Down in the Groove" in 1988, is exactly one thing, a description of the ugliest girl in the world, and an affirmation that he loves her.

Hook in her nose
Old clothes
Flat feet
Knock knees
Knuckles crack
Snores in bed
Five-inch smile
Sweet breath
Prizefighter nose
Cauliflower ears
Run in her hose

Why she's a catch:
She has a way of calling my name that drives me crazy
Weird sense of humor that's all her own
She cheers him up

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