Friday, August 21, 2015

Where Were You Last Night?

Where were you last night?
In fact, where were you last year?
Who's my substitute?

"Where Were You Last Night?" is a line with a long history in blues music. Dylan and the other Traveling Wilburys made a new song of it for their second album, released in 1990, though it seems pretty clear that this is primarily a Dylan song. It contains the suspicious questions that he has posed elsewhere to an unnamed lover who has been less than present in their relationship.

1. Where were you last night? What did you do, who did you see?
2. "Were you with someone who reminded you of me?"
3. What about last week? Up a creek? I stayed up all night pacing and wondering.
4. You ignore me more these days.
5. Your messing around is attracting unwelcome gossip and making me feel sad/bad.
6. Where were you last year? Not here. You sent someone else.
7. I'm getting gloomy.

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