Friday, August 21, 2015

Ye Shall Be Changed

You work too hard and
You need a new beginning.
Go get born again.

This romp through judgment day promises that you shall be changed if you're able to hang on until then. The song was recorded in 1979, but didn't appear commercially until 1991 when it was included on the first volume of the Bootleg Series.

Harbor resentment
Don't feel many thrills
Want contentment, but get emptiness instead
Are through with hatred
Have broken bones, ain't nothing sacred
Work with blood, sweat and muscle, and do your hustle
No more loved ones, including maybe your wife and kids
Drink bitter water, eat the bread of sorrow
Don't live for today, but the false promise of tomorrow.
Walk a rough path.

The past doesn't control you, but you don't know the future
A new beginning, without emigrating to Russia or Iran
Surrendering to God 

How does it work? Tell me more:
"Ye shall be changed, ye shall be changed
In a twinkling of an eye, when the last trumpet blows
The dead will arise and burst out of your clothes
And ye shall be changed"

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