Friday, August 21, 2015


Man marries his gal
In the middle of winter.
Then they build a fire.

Some clunky rhymes aside, this is a charming waltz from the 1970 album "New Morning." It's all about cuddling up on a cold night with the one you love, just like the song "On a Night Like This" that came out four years later.

Winter interlude dude:
- Tonight no fight. Everything all right.
- Angel tells me love has reason to shine.
- You I adore, you give me more.
- This dude thinks you're fine.
- You: little apple, let's go to chapel, come back and cook.
- Ice skating later, our love bold in cold, please be mine.
- You: little daisy, let's sit by logs in fire.
- Moonlight in window, snowflakes on sand, let's get tight tonight, you are grand.

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