Thursday, August 20, 2015

When Did You Leave Heaven?

That you left heaven
At all is a big surprise.
Kiss me, you angel.

"When Did You Leave Heaven?" is a song by Richard Whiting and Walter Bullock that appeared in the 1936 movie "Sing, Baby, Sing." It became something of a standard, and was nominated for an Academy Award. (Whiting, incidentally, wrote the standards "Hooray for Hollywood" -- which you can hear at the end of Robert Altman's movie "The Long Goodbye" -- as well as "Ain't We Got Fun?" and "On the Good Ship Lollipop." You can find versions of this song by Big Bill Broonzy, Nancy Wilson, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Scott and others.

When did you leave heaven?
How could they let you go?
How's every thing in heaven?
I'd like to know.
Why did you trade heaven?
For all these earthly things?
Where on earth did you hide your halo?
Where did you lose your wings?
Have they missed you?
Can you get back in?
If I kiss you would it be a sin?
I am only human
but you are so divine.
When did you leave heaven
angel mine?

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