Thursday, August 20, 2015

When He Returns

God has his vision
So throw out your day planner.
He is coming soon.

"When He Returns" is a gorgeous piano song that closes the 1979 album "Slow Train Coming." When I was younger, I cringed at the naked profession of faith in Jesus returning for judgment day, etc. Now I appreciate the intelligence that went into it, even if I can't profess the same faith.

1. Iron hand (power of nations, for example) = no match for iron rod. Walls fall before God. "Don’t you cry and don’t you die and don’t you burn. For like a thief in the night, He’ll replace wrong with right, When He returns."
2. "Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes through." (A variation on a comment in the Book of Matthew in the Bible). When can he stop listening to lies and statements of fear? When, the end to loyalty and pride?
3. Jesus knows what you're up to and what you want, before you ask. "How long can you falsify and deny what is real?
How long can you hate yourself for the weakness you conceal?" The song ends on the old adage: man plans, God laughs. Though more eloquently.

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