Thursday, August 20, 2015

What Was It You Wanted?

Did you want something?
Am I supposed to get it?
Why should it be me?

"Oh Mercy" is an album that is full of the noun in question on the songs that are addressed to people instead of things. It also features Dylan's attempts to take some responsibility for his actions. The exception is "What Was It You Wanted?" which comes from a land of bad moods. He hectors the subject of his song from the beginning, a subject who seems to be having trouble getting the right words out. This is a song about someone whom he thinks has done him wrong, and he has the advantage so he's going to use it, not to get the outcome he wants, but to make sure that whoever is winning pays for it by feeling bad.

What did you want?
1. Tell me again. I'll leave for a bit and come back so you can "get it together by then."
2. Tell me again. I'm back. "Get it back on the track. You got my attention. Go ahead, speak. What was it you wanted When you were kissing my cheek?"
3. Did you need something that I might be able to give you? Who watched you kiss me?
4. I forgot what you wanted. Remind me. If you'd be so kind. Is someone waiting for you after we're done talking?
5. Are you the same person I used to know? Is what you want to tell me important? Maybe not.
6. Who said I had what you wanted? Who are you, anyway?
7. Are you even talking to me?

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